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ALHS' School Site Council (SSC) Locker
9/26/13 6:18 PM

ALHS' School Site Council (SSC)


SSC 2017-2018 Board Members

Nathan Tam (SSC Chair/Student)

Shari Balisi Manalang (Principal)

Jorge Goncalves (Teacher)

Yesenia Gonzalez (Student)

Kelsey Fong (Student)

Jeremy Traylor (Classified)

Jack Doyle (Teacher)

Daniel Stingle (Teacher)

George Ishikata (Teacher)

Georgia Bratt (Parent) 

Lily Mok (Community Worker)

Jennifer De Luca (Parent)

SSC Objectives

The Abraham Lincoln High School (ALHS) SSC will follow State guidelines and be consistent with policies of the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD). The SSC is expected to:

  •  Advise the school regarding the planning, budgeting, implementation, and evaluation of the School Site Plan. (See California Education Code Section 52853.)
  • Study and refine the School Site Plan (also known as the Balanced Scorecard) to meet the educational needs and learning styles of all students. At ALHS, the needs of SFUSD targeted student groups will be specifically addressed, with appropriate support for African-American, Latino. Pacific Islander (particularly Samoan), English learner, special education, and other students whom data indicate would benefit from additional assistance. The School Site Plan will include staff development activities to enhance and strengthen these efforts.
  • Support the following goals of SFUSD:
     ► Access and Equity: Making social justice a reality.
     ► Student Achievement: Engaging high- achieving and joyful
    ►Accountability: Keeping our promises to schools and families.
    (Refer to the SFUSD Strategic Plan for details).


  • Support the role of parents and caregivers as the first and foremost teachers and provide opportunities for their collaboration and participation in the intellectual, social, and physical development of students.


  • Take other actions as required by the California Education Code (EC).



Attention Lincoln Parents/Guardians!

We are looking for people who are willing to be members of the SSC committee for this school year.  Please email Principal Shari Balisi at if you are interested.


You can also apply by filling in this form HERE




SSC Meeting Dates for this School Year


All Meetings take place the third Thursday of the Month from 5pm-6pm in Room 122

(Exception: Feb. 15, 2018 the meeting is 4pm-5pm)


Annual SFUSD SSC Summit is March 3rd, 2018, 8:30am-1pm at Everett Middle School

SSC Info from SFUSD can be found HERE.

School Site Council Learning Module - SSC Parity INFO is HERE

Public Comments Policy

There is a Public Comments Period at the beginning of each meeting & public comments can also be scheduled later in the meeting’s agenda by emailing the Principal 24 hours before the start of the meeting you would like to make public comments at. Anyone is welcome to observe the entire meeting though.