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Loggin' Out

Word of the Month


by Dennis Chang


(n) Commotion, disorder, agitation


(v) To put into disorder


Kerfuffle is the word of the month because this month is May; with May comes a time of anticipation. Students are anticipating the end of the school year and the beginning of summer, and Seniors in particular are anticipating the end of high school and a new beginning in college. Things are getting crazy with prom and the ending sports season and Springfest, and some students are also busy turning in extra credit or late work to end the school year on a good note. Overall, May is one hectic month, and “kerfuffle” describes it perfectly.


Use in a Sentence!

    William Tien woke up one morning and his house was a terrible kerfuffle.



by Serina Fang


final capricorn.jpg

Capricorn     γ

December 22—January 20

LO: Smoky Quartzes ULO: Pineapples


Random acts of kindness will do you a world of good, Capricorn. Give hugs to unpleasant people, help old folks cross the street and donate canned foods to charity. Being greedy will result in horrendous luck from now until daylight savings time ends.

final aquarius.jpg

Aquarius    η

January 21—February 19

LO: Astrolabes ULO: Black lights


The challenging task you have been struggling to complete will finally be resolved. Your hard work will soon pay off! However, beware the malevolent stranger who will undo all your progress.     

final pisces.jpg

Pisces      ι

February 20—March 20

LO: Ceramic mugs ULO: Soda cans


What time is it? It’s adventure time! Get up off your lazy butt and get out into the world to pursue your mad, daring notions of thrill and grandeur. Try new things and meet new people! 

final aries.jpg


March 21—April 20

LO: Pillows ULO: Coffee


If I said that a psychotic vampire would viciously attack you in the near future, you probably wouldn’t believe me. However, someone is trying to hurt you, whether it’s in the form of malicious gossip or physical assault. If anyone is bothering you, don’t hesitate to talk to somebody about it. 

final taurus.jpg

Taurus     _

April 21—May 21

LO: Sunflowers ULO: Snails


You have been blessed with the gift of a green thumb, so put it to good use and grow a garden! Nothing will be lost to you when you start caring for them. Unfortunately, an important object has already been taken from you but it will soon return to you, so don’t worry!

final gemini.jpg


May 22—June 21     

LO: Bananas ULO: Birdcages


The stardust tiger lies in the forest at the top of the world and will greet you when two Mondays come together. In less cryptic words, this neat and accurate prophecy means that if you keep working hard, very soon you will be greeted by something great. Probably on a Monday. 

final cancer.jpg

Cancer      α

June 22—July 22

LO: Churros ULO: Styrofoam


A metaphorical apparition is haunting you, Cancer. Whether it’s unfinished homework or an unresolved argument, something unsettled is nagging at you. Saturn is in the fifth house, ready to rain down ill fortune, so hurry up and exorcise your ghosts. 

final leo.jpg

Leo     β

July 23—August 22

LO: Trench coats ULO: Pizza


A dangerous task lies ahead of you, one that will require all of your skill and cunning. Keep your head level and your wits sharp. Hoping that Lady Luck is smiling on you wouldn’t hurt either. 

final virgo.jpg

Virgo     χ

August 23—September 22

LO: Crayons ULO: Homework


You will encounter a group of eccentric friends who will try to convince you that anything blue must taste good, constantly copy your homework, and will give you odd nicknames. No matter how much they may annoy you, do not turn them away. They might just save your life.

final libra.jpg

Libra     δ

September 23—October 22

LO: Milk tea ULO: Movies


Now is a time for relaxation and good cheer, Libra. Put aside your work and stress and have a gay old time. Your luck will increase dramatically if you go out to sea anytime in March, April, or May due to the auspicious connection between Mercury and Neptune. 

final scorpio.jpg

Scorpio     ε

October 23—November 21

LO: Moonstone ULO: Jam


Humor us all Scorpio, and do stop whining. Your constant complaints about how frustrating your life is in general has become so tiresome that you are even annoying the cosmos above without realizing it. To prevent a meteor from dropping on your house, you should find more things in life to smile about. 

final sagittarius.jpg

Sagittarius     φ

November 22—December 21

LO: Rabbit’s foot ULO: Eye patches


Be ready to put on your armor Sagittarius, for due to the extremely unlucky angle Saturn is making to Jupiter the whole world seems out to get you. This may or may not be your own fault. A traditional lucky charm such as a rabbit’s foot should help you.