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“I sometimes purposely leave money in my pockets so I can find it later.” -Newly rich senior girl

“Futon? Oh, that’s the salad thing!!” -"Rather ignorant" junior girl

“I thought he poured poison in his ear, not let a stampede run over him.” -Senior girl comparing Hamlet to the “Lion King”

“Shut up.”
“Don’t tell me to shut up!”
“Okay, shut up.”
-Juniors arguing in physiology


"What the *&%! does Mylo Xyloto mean??"

By Dennis Chang

Although the title of Coldplay’s newest album, “Mylo Xyloto,” lacks a meaning in any Merriam-Websters or Oxfords, the definition of the album is definitely something positive.
    Coldplay is an alternative rock band from the U.K. The band is best known for singles like “Yellow” and “Clocks”, as well as the more recent “Vida la Vida”.
    Listening to “Mylo Xyloto” and “Parachutes” (their first album) back to back, the difference in the styles of songs is obvious. Coldplay’s sound has evolved over the years, accumulating instrumental sounds, beginning as a more traditional rock band with drums and guitars, then adding on more electronics and keyboard while retaining the “oohs” and “aahs” of melodic vocals.
    “Mylo Xyloto” is a diverse album to be sure. There are sad songs, happy songs, and songs of hope, and here are just a handful of them:
     “Paradise” contrasts the sudden intensity of the previous track, building and building the rhythm up to a chorus in which Chris Martin’s melodic tones set the tune, beat, and mood for the rest of the song.
    Strange noises, almost like the calls of tropical birds, begin the third single of the album, “Charlie Brown.” What begins as a curious warbling soon bursts into a light but energetic guitar, guiding the listener into Martin’s “ooh-ing” and “ah-ing” once again.
    Contrasting the first few tracks, “Us Against the World” is a softer piece. The calming tune consisting primarily of Martin’s voice takes the listener back to a Coldplay sound comparable to “The Scientist,” then brings in the powerful piano, and finally ends as it began: softly. 
    Listening to “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” is like truly being at a waterfall. The background melody is refreshing and calming, but the rush of vocals and potent guitar riffs keep you alert.
    “Princess of China” displays an aptitude for electronic sound that is completely different than anything else on the album. To add to the intensity of the electronic rhythm and beat, the song features Rihanna, resulting in some impressive vocals in a Coldplay song that could be danced to.

    Overall, this album is filled with amazing songs of great variety; each song can easily make a listener dance, sing, or cry. However, the influence of fast paced songs like “Paradise” and “Hurts Like Heaven” made softer songs like “Us Against the World” and “Up With the Birds” somewhat forgettable. As a whole, I felt that while the variety was impressive, the highs and lows and rapid transitions of feeling and mood made the album dizzying and confusing at points.

Score: 4/5

"Teaway is the way to go"

By William Tien

Tea-Way, the once small and crowded store on Irving between 23rd and 22nd, selling tapioca drinks and fried snacks with a room capacity of around eight people, opened up its third store on Irving. This small franchise expanded quickly as it became one of the main attractions for young teenagers. The newest addition of the Tea-Way franchise is located on 24th and Irving, taking over the old Baskin Robbin’s ice cream shop. With improved interior designs and actual places to sit or move around freely, it definitely won me over.
    The menu features a wide range of fun finger foods and enjoyable drinks. Tapioca drinks, snow slushes, smoothies, and juices are among the flavorful beverages one can order here. My personal favorite is their classic milk tea tapioca. I’m vegetarian, and although most of the finger foods contain meat, I enjoyed eating their french fries accompanied by their flavorful sauces/spices.

    Compared to the first and second Tea-Way, this one is definitely an improvement. Unlike the other two, people can actually walk around in an open space. Multiple seats and tables are available so people can enjoy their drinks and snacks after purchasing them. There are several televisions, one primarily used for entertainment, and the rest for menu options. The interior designs of the store were very welcoming and appealing. Walking into the store, I felt very comfortable as it had sort of a homey vibe to it.
    The only thing I am not too thrilled about is the self-serve system that Tea-Way has. It is probably the reason Tea-Way got its fame but I was never a big fan of self-serving. I don’t know how much tapioca balls to put in my drink, and it grosses me out to know that anyone could have spit, touched, or dropped something in there.
    Overall, this new Tea-Way store is a great addition to the Tea-Way branch. It offers great drinks and foods and is one of my new favorite places to hang out on Irving. I would highly recommend this store to young teenagers, as it is a good place to hang out and chill with your friends while enjoying some fun foods and drinks.

"Worst movie of the year"

By Maiya Wilson         

      “The Devil Inside” hit theatres everywhere January 6, 2012 and can be called the worst movie of the year.  
      When arriving to the movies with a group of friends, we had high hopes that the movie would meet the standards of a past horror film, Paranormal Activity, because that movie was ranked the #1 as horror movie of the millennium and it left viewers paranoid to go back to their own homes.
    To my disappointment, the movie was a rip off of “The Exorcist” and “Paranormal Activity” by trying to mock and imitate the plot of both horror films unsuccessfully. The plot goes from dumb to dumber as a daughter, played by Fernanda Andrade, tries to understand what happened to her mother, played by Suzan Crowley, during the night she murdered three people during an exorcism being performed on her. She seeks two priests, played by Simon Quaterman and Evan Helmuth, to perform an exorcism on her mother, who has been in the loony bin since committing the triple homicide.

   After seeing this crappy movie, I wanted to scream; not from the terrible horror “portrayals” in the movie, but because I wanted my money back. From the amateur acting and screenwriting, The Devil Inside is a cheap mess with one of the worst endings in movie history.

Creative Writing Corner

Creative Writing Corner.jpg

Sea Otter
by a Sophomore

watch as it holds
the paw of a friend
to brave waves
and keep warmth close

floating fat
swimming swift
mellow heart free
beneath the sea



The Toy Soldiers
by a Junior

From my bones to their plastic,
the sound of gun fire as the plastic bubbles.
My workers made these men for war,
a war of travel, hands, and one’s forgetfulness.
I can only arm these men,
But it is up to them to fight.
I will be their eyes for where they go,
the children as their voice.
Everything else is nothing to these soldiers.
What they give me in return is life,
life for me and my family.
As I lay here, I can see not only my plastic soldiers,
But what they have given my family.