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Loggin' Out


By Dennis Chang


Capricorn – 12/22- 1/19

LO: Markers    
ULO: Drills

Your life is going great. However, have a careful eye. Keep up the good work, but don’t forget to help others out when you see them in need.


Aquarius – 1/20-2/18

LO: Wallets
ULO: Microwaves

Decisions, decisions, decisions. You’ll see many a crossroads soon, and regardless of your choices, if you act wisely, you will come out a stronger person.


Pisces – 2/ 19- 3/20

LO: Hats        
ULO: Paintings

Money is taking over your life. From food to fun, it’s time to find some cheap alternatives for your life.


Aries – 3/21-4/19

LO: Pocket Watches      
ULO: Gnomes

You question the honesty of others and are being a bit cold, even if you may not realize it. Cherish the friendships that you have. Your relationships hinge on your kindness and trust: lighten up a little!


Taurus – 4/20- 5/20

LO: Trumpets        
ULO: Ketchup

Responsibilities like chores and homework can be annoying, but right now is definitely a good time to get them done. If you don’t get started on your work, the consequences could come to haunt you later.


Gemini – 5/21-6/20

LO: Decks of Cards    
ULO: Fans

You are in a state of disarray, with struggles at school or in your life. When in need, turn to your family, and give yourself a little more time with them. Eventually, your problems will be solved.


Cancer – 6/21-7/22

LO: Tissue
ULO: Scissors

You are being close-minded, a bit too stubborn to see clearly at the moment. Now is the time to take a chance in life and face your fears! Luck is with you, and a little courage can go a long way.


Leo – 7/ 23-8/22

LO: Yarn    
ULO: Toothpicks

A change is coming in your life, and, big or small, good or bad, you should take it in and make the most of it.


Virgo – 8/23-9/22

LO: Flashlight    
ULO: Cardboard Boxes

Momentary happiness drives your thoughts, but what you should really be focusing on is something that will make you happy for a long time.


Libra –9/23-10/22

LO: Planners        
ULO: Lanyards

Victory is within your reach! You’re about to accomplish a longtime personal goal; you’ve reached a critical point in succeeding. Don’t stop now! See your goal through to the end!


Scorpio – 10/23-11/21

LO: Cameras        
ULO: Flip-flops

You should be a bit more careful of your surroundings. Life might seem like a joy ride for now, but soon a trial will come upon you. Make sure you’re prepared for whatever comes your way.


Sagittarius – 11/22-12/21

LO: Keys        
ULO:  Nail Polish

You’ve been confined to a set routine; day in and day out you do the same things. Get out! Get lost! Try to explore, and discover something new!