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Winter sports blurbs


By William Tien


Cross Country

Season ended for cross country mid November as they had their final race on November 16th. Frosh/Soph girls placed first, Varsity girls placed second, Frosh/Soph boys placed second, and Varsity boys placed second.




Dragonboat season took a short break after ending in September as season will begin again in January. Lincoln Dragonboat finished their fall season with a gold, silver, and bronze medal. Hopefully in the coming season Lincoln can finish with all gold medals!


Boys Soccer

Boys soccer finally emerged from their drought and finished their season strong. Coach Kenyatta Scott and the Boys Soccer team battled their way into playoffs and even to the final championship game. Unfortunately Lincoln was unable to defeat the undefeated Lowell soccer team.



Varsity Boys Basketball

Season will start for varsity boys basketball on January 5th, as they face Mission High at Lincoln for their first league game. The team is currently playing in pre-season games and has high hopes for the coming season as they are the ‘favorites’ to win this year.



Junior Varsity Boys Basketball

Like varsity, JV boys basketball will also start their season on January 5th against Mission. Last year Lincoln JV won the championships and hopefully they can hold on to their title as champions this year. JV boys are also in pre-season as they are playing in games in a variety of places around San Francisco.



Varsity Girls Basketball

Varsity girls basketball will begin their season on January 4th, playing their first game against Balboa at Balboa’s gymnasium. Hopefully Head coach Jason Lee and captain Kaley Selor can lead the team to playoffs and win the championship!


Junior Varsity Girls Basketball

JV girls basketball will start their season off on January 5th, as they play their first game against Washington at Washington’s gymnasium. They will have 10 league games to play before their regular season will end and hopefully under head coach Monica Bucholz, the team will qualify for playoffs and win the championship for Lincoln!


Girls Golf

Girls Golf had an another amazing season as they finished their season undefeated. Head coach Steve Robinson and captains Kristi and Shannon Wong helped lead the team to another championship. On the last championship game, Lincoln beat Lowell by over 80 strokes and junior Kristi Wong received the AAA golf player of the year for the second year in a row.



Wrestling season starts on January 10th as they will face Washington in Lincoln’s gymnasium. Wrestling will have six matches in their regular season before competing in All-City. Calvin and Clayton Wu are the head coaches and the Assistant Coach is Kevin Li.

Mustang Athlete Spotlight: Kristi Wong


By William Tien


Standing 4’11”, junior Kristi Wong may be Lincoln’s biggest little star. Wong currently plays for the Lincoln Girls Varsity Golf team, Girls Varsity Volleyball team, and Girls Varsity Softball team. Over the years, she has represented Lincoln well as she has competed in many playoff and championship games. Furthermore, she does all this while maintaining above-average grades. Wong’s most recent achievements were winning the All-City Golf Championships for Lincoln and receiving the AAA individual golf player of the year award for the second year in a row.

Of the three sports Wong currently plays, golf was the first. At the age of five, Wong started golfing and has loved it ever since.

“At first I thought it was an interesting sport, but as time went by and I golfed more and more, I fell in love with the sport,” expressed Wong.

Another reason why she may love golf is because her older sister, Shannon Wong (senior), has been playing with her since she started. After over ten years of playing together, a rivalry grew between the two as they competed in the same games in tournaments. Their rivalry extended to Lincoln where for the past three years, either Kristi or Shannon received the AAA golf player of the year. Both Kristi and Shannon are the captains of the golf team here at Lincoln, and together, they have led Lincoln to win the championships for two straight years. Beating Lowell High by 80 strokes for the final game shows just how great these two can be together.      

IMG_0573 copy.JPG

 Shannon stated, “My sister and I are very close off and on the course. We always encourage each other to do our best. We also give each other advice and our opinions.”

Aside from golf, Wong has achieved a lot in other sports as well. She joined the Lincoln volleyball team her freshman year and has been on it ever since. Wong contributed to this year’s Varsity Volleyball team as the team qualified for playoffs. She also joined the Lincoln softball team during her sophomore year and hopes to have another great season this spring. Softball is a new sport for her, but she has already shown great understanding of the game and is an important asset on the team.  

Wong shows great commitment to her sports and academics. Having barely any 

free time on her hands, she has managed to receive a 3.5 GPA. She also attends all the practices she can, as some of the practices occur at the same time. Since volleyball and golf are both fall sports, Wong had trouble attending all the games and practices for both sports.

“When volleyball and golf had games that intervened with each other, I attended my golf matches. I find both sports equally fun, but I feel that golf can offer me more opportunities in the future,” said Wong.

Wong hopes to play golf as far as it can take her. She hopes to receive a college scholarship for golf and maybe one day she will take the sport to a professional level.

"Student athlete safety"


By Dennis Chang


Student athletes are in abundance at Abraham Lincoln High School, many of whom are constantly training and conditioning even in the off-season, with some even transitioning between different sports throughout the year. Sports are an important part of high school for some students, but staying healthy and protecting one’s self properly take even higher priority.

Hugh Stickney is one of the Physical Education teachers at ALHS. “The best way [to prevent injury] is to stay strong and stretch. It’s important to have a strict warm-up routine. Anyone in P.E. knows the dynamic warm-up,” says Stickney. The dynamic warm-up completed by P.E. classes every day consists of quick back-and-forth exercises like “high-knees” and “butt-kickers” in order to prepare for the rest of the class agenda. 

Stretching is often said to be the most important part of an athlete’s routine. Stretching allows muscles to stretch and flex to prevent the athlete from being too stiff. A quick minute of stretching could save a track runner from pulling a hamstring. An athlete can do static stretching, where a position is held and literally stretched for at least thirty seconds, or dynamic stretching, which involves repeated movement of muscles in order to reach a full range of motion. “In team sports, there’s usually someone watching to help out if someone gets hurt, but if it’s like a pick-up game of basketball, then you should have a buddy to watch you just in case someone to call for help if you get hurt, and watch your stuff,” says Stickney.

“Protection is important because if you don’t protect yourself, you’ll get really f----ed up,” says Senior Nathaniel Amidei. A wrestler and former football player, Amidei injured his knee early last year and was unable to participate in sports for the next two semesters.

However tiresome it may be to slip in those shin guards, however heavy those football pads are, equipment is necessary for athletes to not get seriously injured. Without protection, sports like football and baseball are extremely difficult or downright scary; imagine being pummeled by two football players twice your size and not having a cushion between your face and the ground! 

Unfortunately, injuries do happen. When they do, it’s important to know how to take care of yourself and prevent further injury. “If you do get hurt, use RICE,” says Stickney. RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. If you have a sprain or pulled a muscle in your leg for example, take a break to prevent further injury. If there’s swelling, put ice on the leg, and then put pressure on it to help speed up recovery.  Finally, propping the leg up on a pillow or other object helps with swelling and pain. 

Though sports competition is an important part of life for many students at ALHS, self-safety should be considered a top priority for any athlete. Running in place for a few minutes or putting on that cup before the big game could be the difference between leaving in victory or leaving in crutches.