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Loggin' Out


by Douglas Wong


ULO = Unlucky Object LO = Lucky Object

Horoscopes Pictures.jpg

AquariusJanuary 20 - February 18

LO: Ducks ULO: Soccer balls

With Jupiter and Mercury misaligned, your social life and school life are in conflict. You are going to have to choose one of the two to focus on. Surprisingly, the one you do not choose will be not be affected as heavily as you think.


PiscesFebruary 19 - March 20

LO: Yu-gi-oh! cards ULO: Markers

Take your time with everything! You have just accomplished something major in your life. Right now it’s time for a small break. This will allow you to get your mind back into focus for a major upcoming event in school.


AriesMarch 21 - April 19

LO: Green leeks ULO: Oriole pencils

A hail Mary of a question is being thrown at you. Stick with your gut and answer it with how you really feel. Its not the end of the world, but it will certainly affect you in the future.


TaurusApril 20 - May 20

LO: Wrist Watches ULO: Macaroni

Neptune’s planetary position is affecting your spiritual side. Because of this you have to find another source of motivation other than wanting to prove people wrong. Watch out for your sense of time!


Gemini May 21 - June 21

LO: Headphones ULO: Spiders

Because of Saturn’s and Jupiter’s alignment with one another, nothing will be stopping you! Reach for the stars right now! You have no limits to what you can do, except for that one problem crawling up your arm and waiting to take a bite at your happiness.


CancerJune 22 - July 22

LO: Dress shirts ULO: Tea

Pluto’s position is causing you to undergo a transformation. It is bringing out a different side of you that no one, not even your best friend, has seen. Be cautious with the way you react to various situations because it may affect your friends and may even push them away.

LeoJuly 23 - August 22

LO: Mirrors ULO: Microphones

Sacrifice is currently required right now. You know that you’re giving up something for nothing, but do it anyways. The reward will pay off later.


VirgoAugust 23 - September 22

LO: Binders ULO: Jean shorts

All the pieces you have worked so hard for are coming together. The one final piece is there just waiting for you to put it in, so do not hesitate!


LibraSeptember 23 - October 23

LO: Political cartoons ULO: Vitamin water

The people you are associating yourself with aren’t worth your time anymore. The real people that care about you are waiting. Avoid developing awkward relationships with your old friends because you never know when you’re going to need them.


ScorpioOctober 24 - November 21

LO: Drums ULO: Grapes

Mars’s position with the Earth is giving you that extra boost of active energy. Utilize it! You aren’t always feeling this way, and this is the month to help get rid of that negative problem.


SagittariusNovember 22 - December 21

LO: Leggings ULO: Supreme Hats

Right now Uranus is channeling energy toward Earth. This means that, it is giving you an independent mindset. How you use this mindset is up to you. You can use it for rebellion or as a source of motivation.


CapricornDecember 22 - January 19

LO: Sweaters ULO: Van shoes

You’ve recently prepared for an event that wasn’t ever going to happen! Your life is going to be stuck revolved around the event for a while. Accept the change and adapt to it. It may help you change your outlook on life.

Joke of the Month

“An escalator can’t break, it can only become stairs. There shouldn’t be any signs that say, ‘escalator out of service;’ instead they should say, ‘escalator temporarily stairs, sorry for the convenience.’”



-Jacob Ortega

Where in Lincoln?

by Gloria Jeung


Name the location of the image below to have a chance to win a  $10 AMC Giftcard! Submit your answer along with your first and last name, grade level and homeroom via email to or turn in a paper to Ms. Falls’s box in the main office or room 145. The winner will be randomly selected and will be announced along with the answer in the next issue.




Last issue’s answer: In room 145, the plant is above the brown file cabinet behind Ms. Falls’s desk. The winner was Tony Zhang.