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Easy money doesn't come that easily

by Alan Lew


   Want to earn thousands of dollars by just sitting on your couch?  Want to be able to retire by age 25?  Want to be a millionaire without being a college graduate?  All these things sound great but are too good to be true. 

   Fantasies like these are what some entrepreneurs offer you in an attempt to get you to join their company.  This is often known as either multi level marketing (MLM) or a pyramid scheme.  If you get involved you are almost guaranteed to lose money.

   A pyramid scheme is an organization in which individuals recruit new members and promise them riches.  All potential members have to do is make an investment and gather more people.  In these pyramid schemes, no real product or service is being given.  An example is a chain letter, where people are instructed to send money and they will get more back.  Individuals invest in the scheme, and the organizers take the money and disappear.  Pyramid schemes are illegal in the United States and other countries.

   Multi-level marketing is really similar to pyramid schemes; however they are legal.  This type of business is legal because a product or service is being provided to customers.  Multi-level marketing starts out with a group of people gathering more people to sell their product.  Those who are recruited are supposed to enlist their friends because they will receive part of the profits from members they obtain.  Generally, the only way to profit is to recruit because prices of the products make them hard to sell.

   I had an experience with a multi level marketing company this past summer.  A friend of mine offered me an interview with his boss.  I offered to meet him there but he insisted on going with me.  Originally I was told we were going to Daly City, but instead we ended up going 40 miles south to Newark. 

   Once I arrived I discovered it wasn’t an interview but a presentation about the company.  Many workers brought friends along for the first time as well It was a company that sold health-related products such as filtered water bottles and weight loss pills.  For a few hours they spoke about how rich I could be and how people were retiring at 25.

   The opportunity was simple: pay $300 and I would own a piece of the business.  I knew it was not a good idea, but for some reason I excitedly said yes and gave them all my information except for my social security number which fortunately I did not have on me.  I was told they would call me when I got home, and they’d get my Social Security number. I signed the contract but regretted it the moment I signed it.  At least I got a lesson out of it: don’t succumb to peer pressure. 

   These opportunities might sound great, but realistically people will not make money unless they recruit plenty of people.  People can get offered a chance to get wealthy easily by multi level marketing or lending money to someone in Nigeria for example, but the best thing to do is earn money honestly through hard work.

   At first, these opportunities might sound great, but realistically you will not profit unless you recruit people.  I feel that riches should be earned because easy money doesn't exist.  If it’s so easy to get rich, why isn’t everyone doing it?  My advice is that if you ever get an offer for quick and easy cash, just say no.

Making Lincoln a safe haven for the gay community

by Lauren Nieto


   "That's so gay." This is a statement out and proud and straight allies never want to hear. It's something that sends unnecessary shame into the hearts of these people. Shame shouldn't ever be put into a person for their sexuality. 

        Lincoln as though mostly accepting, also has some big issues to fix with homophobic slurs being used around campus.

        According to the website and their page, Statistics You Should Know About Gay and Transgender Students, gay students are 8.4 times more likely to report having attempted suicide and 5.9 times more likely to report high levels of depression. Homophobic parents and peers commonly cause this behavior. 

   What makes Lincoln a wonderful place where these students feel comfortable enough to be open about their gender or sexuality? "Lincoln students are sophisticated with a high level of understanding for the many students that are LGBTQA+, there is a more comfortable environment with little hostility." Nurse Stewart claims.

    Lincoln offers great help if you ever feel threatened or uncomfortable at Lincoln because of your gender or sexuality. Nurse Stewart points out some great advice, "Any administrator or dean should be told about any threats. The Wellness Center is also a place to process any resulting feelings or consequences related to harassment." 

   The community of Lincoln High should also be aware of the hardships that the LGBTQA+ community face. Many queer students including my self, have to balance their social, romantic, and academic life, which could lead to high pressure. Now to help make this already wonderful community of Lincoln grow to a healthier community for the LGBTQA+ Nurse Stewart believes that “the more students that are out helps create a more safe environment for students to come out.”

   As a queer and openly pansexual student at Lincoln, I can say it is crucial to make Lincoln as safe as possible. When I hear the word “gay” or “faggot” being thrown around as a joke it does hurt, many students who use these slurs don’t take the time to think how those words could hurt someone. In seventh grade I was bullied for the whole year being called gay for a replacement word for stupid. When you use gay to describe something that you don’t like or deeply hate you are basically degrading the actual meaning to “stupid”.

   If Lincoln students took the time to think about what they’re going to say they could make a big improvement to the community around them. Maybe there’s a kid sitting next to you in class and he or she is questioning their sexuality and lets say you use the word “gay” to describe something you don’t like, now that student is going to question if what they’re feeling inside is normal. They could think “If gay is bad maybe I’m not normal.” Or you never know what the situation is at home for openly gay kids, many are fortunate to having open-minded parents, while others are not.

   As a loving community everyone must do their part to keep the campus of Lincoln a safe place for LGBTQA+ students, support your peers for whoever they are and do your best to understand there is more in this world that just a straight path.

Lincoln Log lays the smackdown on gender double standards

by The Lincoln Log Staff


Two cents.jpg


We live in a society that sees you and what you do with different eyes depending on whether or not you have a Y chromosome or a double serving of X. 


    Ever since the Video Music Awards, it seems the entire country has been in an uproar over Miley Cyrus's curveball hypersexual performance. It also hasn't helped that she posed entirely nude in her latest music video. Critics are shaming Cyrus for promoting sex to young fans of Hannah Montana, because how dare she act in such a sexually provocative way when she's the role model for so many young girls. How could she go from teenager by day, pop star by night to twerkmaster extraordinaire? What happened to the innocence? Clearly Cyrus can't be the best of the both worlds when it comes to living in cheery teen stardom and also becoming more sensual performer with a more adult target demographic. 


    On the other hand, Justin Timberlake, who was a performer for the boy band 'N Sync and appeared in Disney shows such as “The New Mickey Mouse Club” as a child, released solos such as "SexyBack" that is made up of sexually-charged lyrics. Nobody batted an eye at this, nobody cared that Timberlake was once a boy band performer and showed up on Disney Channel. Now he's that one guy who brought sexy back and evolved into a sex symbol of sorts, and fans dream of his visage and pay little attention to his past. After all, men and sex go together hand in hand. But with women that's just slutty behavior. 


    The issue of gender based double standards extends beyond former teen pop stars. They are beliefs people hold about all men and women in general, and these stereotypes are so ingrained into society's mindset that people rarely see it as an issue. When men sleep around, they're "players" and it's seen as an admirable masculine trait. When women do the same, they're "sluts" and it's seen as abhorrent. Women are "pure" while men have a tendency to sometimes (and by that, we mean nearly always) give into their base desires, which means only women can be raped, not men. Women are always the victims, never the criminals, and men are always the criminals, never the victims. Single fathers are hardworking heroes who try their best to raise their kids and keep the family together, while single mothers are probably irresponsible whores who didn't bother with birth control. And then this could be flipped, with single fathers being creepy and pathetic while single mothers are strong, selfless breadwinners who pick up the slack when "unprepared" fathers abandon the family. The list can fill up a doctoral thesis and more.


    In 2011, two girls from Lee County, Florida, stripped a boy naked and uploaded the video on YouTube. However, no charges were filed against the girls even after the Fort Myers police department did a two month investigation. Even the victim's own mother didn't press charges, believing that the girls couldn't do such a thing and it was only a prank. 


    Now, if it were two boys who stripped a girl and uploaded the video to YouTube, they would be charged with a felony straightaway. If even after an investigation and still no charges were filed against the boys, we would be horribly surprised and enraged. Angry parades for "gender equality" and Tumblr petitions against "war on women" would spring up before the cops could even get into uniform. But these were girls, and the victim was a boy, and who has even heard of a boy getting sexually assaulted? Who even cares?


    Backlash against unequal treatment of genders isn't always fair itself though. Some feminists, in an effort to slingshot women to equality will ridicule women for playing traditional roles like housewives, even if these women choose these roles with their own free will.

    Gender double standards turn our sense of morality askew, and in many cases they are even seen as social norms. People of both genders should be free to do whatever they want without social ridicule. After all, people should accept the fact that all men are equal to women, and all women are equal to men. Double standards clouding this fact are absurd and a waste of everyone's time. 

We need more electives

by Jasprit Samra


   Students are required to have one year of an elective class. Students at Abraham Lincoln High School we have some electives such as journalism, art, drawing, peer resources, leadership, and photography. We should have more electives so students can have more choices that allow them to expand on their own personal interests and hobbies.

   More electives would mean students can develop useful skills. In elective classes students could learn creative writing, woodshop, sewing, drivers’ education, CPR/first aid, home economics, gardening, and more. These skills are useful in life. More class choices would benefit students in preparing them for their ideal careers.

   More electives would also mean that classes would be smaller. Smaller classes help students focus more. Small classes really involve students. Small classes surround students with attention and encouragement. Students also learn more and faster in smaller classes.

   There are some cons to having more electives. Having more electives may not be worth it because students only need to have one year of an elective. But most students really take more than a year of an elective so they can fill in their schedule. Some of the electives are still not full and they have lots of space or we might not have enough money to have more electives.

 Some students get credit by instead of taking an elective, which means they don’t learn anything. People do T.A. instead because they are not interested in the electives we have. We have some after school programs that offer extra courses but most students are busy after school so they cannot take them. These classes should be available during regular school days.    

   In my opinion I think having a few more electives is good idea. I think that expanding the selection of electives could only benefit students by giving them more opportunities to explore, find out their true passions and develop new interests.