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ALHS Olympic weightlifting team sends team to Nationals

by Robert Chan 

weightlifting black and white.jpg
Almost everyday after school, Lincoln’s Olympic weightlifting team called Hassle Free BBC (Barbell Club)

trains in the weight room with walls filled with pictures of previous and current competitors at weightlifting competitions. Squat racks line the center of the room, with rubber and wood panels protecting the floor andbarbells can be seen lying around the whole room with colored rubber bumper plates surrounding them. 

The Hassle Free BBC team is proud to send eleven athletes to compete in the USA National 

Olympic weightlifting competition. Three current ALHS students, Angelina Marcolino, Kuinini Manumue and Rolando Robedillo are competing in the Youth Nationals for athletes 17 and under. In addition, the team is sending three athletes to compete in the Junior Nationals for those 20 and under, and another three to the Senior Nationals, which is the toughest division of the three. 

Kevin Doherty is the head coach of the Hassle Free BBC team. He is also one of Lincoln’s Avid teacher and a coach for Lincoln’s football and track team. 

“They’re pretty talented,” Doherty said, referring to his youth team on how he only sends people to compete in the Nationals if he is confident they can win medals. 

Doherty is proud of the youngest member of the youth team, Seth Tom, who is attending AP Giannini Middle School. “He holds four American records. He started when he was eight,” said Doherty. 

“We are the only public High school in the U.S to send three athletes to the senior world championship,” Doherty stated. Doherty believes that the “Hassle Free BBC” team is the best weightlifting team in producing great lifters from beginning to the end of their careers. 

Hassle Free BBC weightlifting team is composed of many athletes who also participate in Lincoln’s sports

teams. The majority of them coming from football and track. In fact, many of the athletes on the team participated on a Lincoln sport team prior to joining the weightlifting team. 

Doherty describes the weightlifting team as very supportive, with the community being involved in the


“We permit the community to use it. I think everybody supports each other,” he says, describing that many people on the team do not attend Lincoln in any way.

The team gives Lincoln students opportunities, such as competing in over 13 different countries. The weightlifting team also gives opportunities to faculty, Mr. Miller, Mr. Weger, Mr. Doyle, and Coach Chipero regularly. 

Doherty also knows the importance of lifting for on an athlete’s performance in sports. He also implements weight lifting among Lincoln’s football and track team to get stronger and become more athletic

to perform better in the sport. 

“[The] football and track team lift the most. They have a good amount of success, some of it (from) lifting year round,” said Doherty. He believes that this helps reduce injury and keep people involved in school and sports. 

In addition, he emphasizes the importance of year round lifting as a great benefit to getting an edge in sports. 

“Offseason is just as important as [regular] season because it is longer,” Doherty says. 

The ample offseason time allows athletes to train supplementary to prepare for the regular season, which can include lifting. He also points out that teams that train during the offseason outperform teams that only train during the season. 

The Hassle Free BBC team continues to work hard as it prepares for its members to compete in the 

Nationals. Members of the team that are not participating in the Nationals are preparing to attend otherweightlifting tournaments, and i in all are also continuously preparing themselves for a possible opportunity tocompete in the Nationals.

Lincoln Mustang Athlete is determined to be the best

by Jasprit Samra

Cameron Sansano has been a part of the Lincoln baseball program for all four year of high school. Sansano is currently a senior at Lincoln. 

Lincoln’s baseball team has been to the playoffs this year. They lost to Lowell but this is the furthest they have been in the past ten years in varsity. 

Sansano plays as an outfielder, either right, center or left, as well as a pitcher. Sansano started at first base but as time went on he moved on to outfielder. 

Sansano didn’t play baseball in the eighth grade but was inspired by a fellow student. 

“Craig Colen, he’s now a second team all-American at Lowell, he really got me interested in baseball but didn’t join the Hoover baseball team because I wasn’t prepared enough,” Sansano says. 

In freshman year Sansano barely had any playing time on the junior varsity team. 

“The varsity coach thought I couldn’t make it later on. I kept practicing and working hard to make sure I’m ready.” 

During sophomore year Sansano started at first base, while other members moved up to varsity. The coach was debating on whether he should be moved up because of his improvement. 

At senior year all of Sansano’s hard work paid off. He was moved to varsity. 

“Going from no experience freshman year to being a starter on a team that has had Lincoln’s best season in ten years is a great accomplishment for me. What I learned is that if you are determined, you can go further. Just keep ding things over and over again, and eventually you’ll get better and achieve your goal,” Sansano says. 

Lincoln dragon boat splashes just short of first place

By Daniel Fielding 

lincolndragonboat real.jpg
The 14th annual California Dragon Boat Association (CDBA) Youth Dragon Boat Race was held on the foggy banks of Lake Merced on Saturday, April 18.The final results for the top seeds of the tournament were as follows: The oldest and most experienced members of the Lincoln team, “Lincoln Gold”, came in second place (2:23.58), an eighth of a second behind the first place “Mission Battleship”(2:23.5). Coming in third was the “Galileo Celestial Dragons”(2:24.97)

The Lincoln team was less successful when it came to their all boy teams and all girl teams. The Lincoln boys team, “Lincoln Gentleman”, came in fourth at (2:21), far behind the boy champions “CYC/GCD Blaze” at (2:18). The Lincoln girls team, “Lady Mustangs”, came in 5th place at (2:39), even farther behind the girl champions “Lowellitas” (2:35).

The younger members of the Lincoln team are split into groups, Lincoln Black and Lincoln Red. They came in third and fourth in their group race respectively. 

Losses aside, the Lincoln dragon boat team was overall very proud of their performance at the tournament.

“When we finished that final race we weren’t sure if we were first or not,” said senior Elizabeth Law “but it didn’t matter because we knew that we had worked hard and worked together. As long as we did our best and everyone was trying it didn’t matter.”

The fatigue, both emotional and physical, was noticeable on the faces of the Lincoln team by the end of the day. The CDBA Spring race is the last race of the season, and, for seniors who are not pursuing the sport in the future, it is the last race ever.

“Yeah, its kind of a surreal experience. You don’t expect how fast it goes by, and suddenly you’re all grown up,” said senior Brandon Yuen.

“I definitely learned a lot about teamwork, dedication, and community. And being a part of something bigger than myself,” explained Elizabeth Law. Law has been an active part of the Lincoln dragon boat team since sophomore year and is considered one of the leading members of her boat.

The Lincoln dragon boat team is the official team of the school, but many Lincoln students participate in the sport through the Community Youth Center (CYC) team. 

“There’s no rivalry [with Lincoln], we’re just looking to place, get gold.” said Senior Chris Cheung from CYC.

Chris Cheung ended up getting what he was looking for, pushing his team, “CYC/GCD Blaze” to a strong first place finish for the Boys Finals. The rest of the CYC team wasn’t as successful. The CYC girls team placed fourth in their finals, and the top seed “CYC All-stars” placed fifth in the aforementioned final race.

“We worked hard and we all really love each other. Even though we didn’t get the results we wanted, it’s okay,” stated the teary-eyed Senior Chelcea Guzman. 

Her twin sister Chelly Guzman echoed the same feelings, “it just sucks to lose.”

Whether it be on the Lincoln Team or the CYC team, for the future both teams look to improve and maintain proud Mustang representation in the sport.