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Lincoln Logger Profiles

French Native eyes Davis, wants to become a veterinarian

By: Gordon Liang

Life is a series of tons of ups and downs. This couldn’t be any truer for Maya Benmokhtar. From France to America to breaking a collarbone, we can all agree that Maya has had quite of a past. 

She was born on December 10, 2001 and is already a junior due to the fact that France starts school one year earlier than the United States. She was born in France but had to move around a lot because of her father’s job. In fact, San Francisco was not the first place that she moved to.

She moved to North Carolina where she learned to horseback ride before she went to San Francisco. But out of all of the places that she has lived in, she loves San Francisco the most. She says the weather is nice, the people are open minded and let’s not forget to mention that her favorite team, the Warriors will be playing there very soon. 

She says that she’s really happy here. Clarissa Roman, a friend that she’s known since freshman year says, “No matter if she’s having a bad day or something’s going on in her life, she always has a positive attitude towards anything and she’s always like have a smile on her face.” 

But life hasn’t always been a fun adventure for Benmokhtar. During cheer practice, she tried to catch someone who was falling and broke her collarbone.

She’s tried basketball but that hasn’t worked out. Her mom quit her job because she didn’t like it. And school hasn’t been easy for her as her goal was to not go to summer school. Benmokhtar tries not to talk about her life before America.

Though life wasn’t easy, she did not let her problems stop her. Her mom eventually got a job that she liked and is now famous on Instagram. Though she got injured, cheer has helped her make a lot of friends. Roman says that Benmokhtar is very outgoing and nice and would do anything for you. Though it didn’t work out, Benmokhtar is still a huge basketball fan and is a huge fan of the Warriors and LeBron James. She is now working hard in school to pursue her dream of going to UC Davis and becoming a veterinarian.

Student gets close to completing boys scout program

By : Donna Li


Every Friday night from 7pm - 9pm, while a majority of us are at home relaxing and watching T.V., Lincoln senior Nelson Ma goes to his boys scout meetings. He has been in the program since the 6th grade and is actually about to graduate. 
Through this program he says that he has “learned many life skills such as leadership, being patient, and understanding others” by signing up for weekend activities where he has to complete a project to earn a badge. His favorite projects are times when he camps out and hikes at places such as Point Reyes and Mt. Diablo. 
Ma has also learned to be independent and doesn’t show much feelings as “feelings can be a sign of strength and weakness.” In the beginning he didn’t like boys scout at all. Which is why it took him some time to make friends. When willfully, Ma can easily talk to anyone and can enjoy himself.
     He says that “my parents actually forced me to go and it took me a year or two to adapt to this new environment and make new friends.” 
I interview one of Ma’s close friend Luke, asking him what was his reaction was when he first found out that Ma was in a boys scout and Luke said “ When Nelson  first told me he was in boys scout I didn’t believe him, I had to confirm with him and said ‘really?’ and Nelson was like ‘yeah’ so I was really shocked and surprised because I didn’t see Nelson as an outdoor person.” Now Ma is actually a leader and teaches fellow boy scouts about leadership at the Friday night classes. He has to be done with all his project and needs to have earned all his badges before or on his 18th birthday to be able to graduate which is in May 2018.
“I feel like I have to graduate or else I would have wasted 7 years in this program!” when asked how he felt about graduating” But because he did put 7 years of hard work into this program he does feel a little accomplished and proud of himself.


Lincoln Senior Strives to express her art and photography

By: Nelson Ma


Rosa Morales, 17 enjoys watching movies such as “The Complex”, and hopes to direct a movie of her own in the future. Her passion is drawing, and photography. She was influenced by her mother to learn to draw and paint through her artwork.  Morales’ favorite artist is Frida Kalo, who was an influential woman, and who focused on mainly self-portraits. She became interested in photography after her mother bought her a brand new camera when she was little. Her favorite form of photography was portraits, because she loved taking photos with friends, and editing them. This inspired Morales to focus on realism, because of the images of people she sees that inspires her to produce a realistic scene that hopefully she can use in a future film she dreams of producing. Morales told me that this quote shows that who she paints, draws or photograph all have meaning to her life, because they all connect in a way in her mind. This mindset of hers allows her to be able to always imagine new images that she can create to look realistic. 
 “ I can relate to the picture, and it shows of a reflection of myself,” Morales said. 
Moving to the U.S was weird for Morales at first, and she didn’t want to let go of her home place in Nicaragua. It was really hard for her to adapt to the U.S, because she was so use to the way of life back at home. She felt disconnected from her family when she left Nicaragua, and now she learns to be independent and do things on her own. Morales’s mother was supportive of her art side, but her father wasn’t interested, but that didn’t stop her from continue doing art even when she immigrated to the U.S.  Being the youngest she always adapted from her brothers and sisters. Having five other siblings didn’t exactly make life easier growing up. She looked up to her sister’s and her best friends Gabby and Danielle.  As time went by Morales’ sisters went off to college leaving her behind. She made a new companion with her cat Venus who changed her life. Venus made her look forward to coming home everyday, and it motivated her to continue working at her best.

“Rosa loves art and she inspires many people on different techniques in art and to me it’s really interesting, “ said Jack.

Outspoken Student Joins Loggers

By: Watcharain Poeter



As a mild mannered progressive and native to San Francisco, Michelle Villanueva really wants to get her opinions out there. That’s why she joined Writing for publication. Now here’s a woman who really believes in equality for everyone, no matter who you are.

Villanueva  feels like we’re “going  through a retrogression. It’s the twenty first century. San Francisco  is very diverse. It’s hard to believe people still act like that.” I asked Michelle what her thoughts were on Charlottesville, Virginia. She didn’t seem to be completely caught up on that event, however she did end up making a small comment towards Trump’s behavior on Twitter, “Anything Trump says, irritates me.” And another related quote, “We’ve come a long way from ending racism, how can people have that mindset?”

Aside from her interest in equality, Villanueva enjoys “music and entertainers”. She has a particular fondness for old school rappers such as Tupac.  Villanueva loves to practice the guitar and ukulele. Aside from music, Villanueva stated that she has just as pleasant a time playing flag football. 

As for Villanueva’s favorite subject in school, expressed an appreciation for science. Villanueva thinks highly of psychology in particular. After high school, Villanueva plans on going to college. After college, Michelle stated that she’d like to travel. “There’s so much to see and experience” She want’s to escape to someplace tropical and warm and with clear waters and with friendly people. 

Villanuava loves to laugh, eat pizza, eat cheese cake, and describes herself as being outspoken. and she thinks the bathrooms are too dirty.

Avid writer explores new style

By:  Zev Curiel-Friedman


Tons of people want to be writers. As they read their idol’s works, they laugh, cry and become inspired to create stories just as great as their role models. However the odds of becoming the next Rick Riordan are very slim. But Savinie Lin is not going to let that slow her down, and she is using journalism as her next stepping stone to the top. 
Despite the fact that she grew up in San Francisco, Lin’s story really begins in China, where her parents were raised. Lin says that her parents always aspired to be the best at everything that they did. And when writing, Lin pushes herself to that same standard, of being the best writer she can be.
Lin has always liked literature but truly fell in love with writing in around the 5th grade, after watching a video called “At Musing’s End”. It was a video about a short story, and it pulled at her heartstrings. The second the video ended Savine knew what she wanted to do. 
And it couldn’t have come at a better time. Lin says, “I didn’t really like who I was as a person in middle school.” She says that she has changed a lot since middle school, and writing has helped her do that. 
Lin says that her favorite type of stories are action and fantasy, because they often take her away into a different world where anything is possible.
Through writing Lin has even made new connections of which never could have been possible. When I asked Hailee, a friend of hers who she met online, about Lin, she responded in a way that only a person truly amazed at her work could have articulated. “Savinie is very creative when she writes, and I am honestly amazed by the things she comes up with. She is able to twist your emotions, whether it makes you sad, happy, or frustrated.” 
Lin joined journalism to improve her writing skills. She says that journalism isn’t a great interest of hers but that since she wants to improve her writing skills, learning about different styles will make her a better writer. 
Lin says that she has changed a lot for the better since middle school, but when I asked her to describe herself she said “I still have room for improvement.” As Lin continues to improve as a person, so will her writing skills, and hopefully for Lin it will bring her to her ultimate goal: being a professional writer.

Ambitious senior aims for independence

By: Benjamin Sheh



The girl across from me fidgets as she excitedly answers questions about her future. To Lincoln senior Donna Li, high school is just a blur. “I am very excited to leave high school. I’m so done.” Li has a clear vision for her future, and thinks thoroughly about what she wants to do. After she leaves school every weekday, Li goes straight from school to work. Her job is a surprising one for a high school student— she works as an assistant for a State Farm agent. According to Li, this gets her quite a few confused looks as people wonder how she managed to get the job in the first place. She doesn’t see her-self doing office work in the future, however. At first, Li wanted to become a nutritionist but balked when she realized how few job opportunities were for those in the profession. Instead,  she now plans on becoming a pediatric nurse—largely due to her desire to work with kids. “Although, I want  to work with toddlers

and newborns; not ementary school kids. Elementary school kids are annoying,” says Li with a rueful smile. She speaks from experience, as she has a 12 year old brother and a 4 year old sister who she lives together along with her parents. Because Li’s parents work quite often, along with the fact that she spends most of her weekdays at her job and most of her weekends with
friends, her family doesn’t spend too much time together. Still, she describes their relationship as a generally happy one.
In her free time, Li is a self-proclaimed impulse buyer and shopping lover. She also enjoys watching movies in

theaters for the impressive video and sound experience. Nelson Ma, Li’s friend, speaks highly of her: “Donna’s a smart, well-spoken person.” To Li, achieving greatness and being successful is what’s most important in life. “I just really like the idea of being independent,” says Li.

Immigrant student unstopped by language barrier

By: Sara Falls 


Moving to a new country can be an over-whelming experience for anyone. This is especially true for a ten year-old girl moving to a country where she and her family do not speak the language. Emily Cai’s mother and father moved to San Francisco, California from Guangdong, China seven years ago for much the same rea- son that many families immigrate to the United States: They wanted to provide a better environment with the promise of excellent education for their only child. Cai has pushed through her initial language barrier and has become an outgoing and optimistic student who has made a home in San Francisco. Cai says that when she first moved here, she didn’t like it. She didn’t know anyone in addition to her not speaking English. Even Cai’s name felt like a barrier. In China her given name was Xiaolin, but her mom felt it would be easier for her new American teachers to pronounce an English name and so chose Emily. Yet she was not afraid to dive in. This fearlessness allowed her to learn the language fluidly. I talk to people—
classmates, teachers!” she explained about how she gained fluency. “Now I’m settled down. I have friends.” When she arrived in America in fifth grade, she attended Chinese Education Center for recent immigrants where she met friends such as Alison Wu whom she is still friends with. Wu and another friend Yongjia Lin lit up when I asked them about Cai. Immediately Lin told me that Cai has changed a lot since joining the Mayors Youth Employment and Education Program where she works as a counselor in training for a group of 25 ninth and tenth graders. Wu agreed that Cai has gotten more in- dependent and mature and is more of a leader. Cai is passionate about giving her family a better life. Immigrating was a sacrifice for them, and Cai feels like she wants to support them and prove that their sacrifices were worth it. While she doesn’t yet know what kind of job would make her happy, she envisions herself attending and graduating from college in order to have a job that pays well but that she loves. She sees no conflict between her desire to be happy and her desire to give back to her family, as she is optimistic she can find a job that serves both purposes. In general Cai is an optimistic person. She says she likes to laugh and talk a lot. Lin confirmed, “The one thing she did
change: She always laughs!” Cai also describes herself as open-minded and easy to talk to. “You can talk to me about anything. I’m a
good listener.” In Cai’s free time, she enjoys social media, YouTube, Instagram, “all that stuff.” She watches television, movies, dramas. “I don’t like to read.”

Lincoln student to future best movie director

By: Elizah Lopez



Junior at Abraham Lincoln High School dreams to be a movie director. Ren a 16 year old is going to be the best movie director. Ren was born in Thailand on December 10th, 2000. His mother is from Thailand and his dad is from here. He would describe himself as a introverted and kinda boring person. On his free time he likes to take naps. Ren has 9 siblings 1 sister and the rest brothers. His recent favorite movie is Dunkirk a movie about WW2. His favorite subject in school is history. He thinks Lincoln is a cool except
 “the bathrooms are dirty”.
 His passion is art. Rens dream job is to be a movie director/animator. He would like to direct an action movie, he knew since he was little that he wanted to be a director. 
“I used to make random videos of my siblings even though they never listened to what I said”.
 As in right now Ren is saving up for a new camera/equipment