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Attendance Policy/Information

What Parents/Caregivers MUST Do When A Student Will Be Absent

Hello Kind Parents and Students of ALHS!

My Name is Gabby Gomez and I'm the alumni who now runs the attendance office.

When a student is absent the parent/caregiver MUST:

-Write a note on 8.5 in. x 11 in. standard letter sized  paper (it can be written in the student's home language) to the Attendance Office Clerk  (Ms.Sherman) and send it with the student when they return to school.

The note MUST include:
the student's full name (with advisory),

the date,

the date of absence(s) (and class periods missed),

the reason for the absence,

the signature of a parent/caregiver (with phone numbers for contact).


If this information isn't provided, clearing your child's absence will take much longer than need be.


If a student is sick for more than 3 days, a doctor's note is needed. Before that time hand written notes are fine.  



Since we no longer utilize the re-admit system, the paper exchange stops there. IF you and your student still haven't seen a change to their record in 2 days, have your student come to Room 121 and check in with me, or call (415)759-2720 to speak to me directly.


My Fall and Spring Office Hours are:


Monday              7:55-12:45, 1:30- 3:30

T through Th   7:45-12:45,  1:30-3:30

Friday                   7:45-11:45 (Closed 30 minutes til 12:15) 12:45, 1:30-3:30




You can check if your child's note has been processed by going to school loop>clicking from the  'ACADEMICS' tab to the 'ATTENDANCE' tab. There you will find all the 'Days of Activity' (any day your child was Absent, Tardy, Tardy more than 30 minutes, ACT= field trip, and Excused).



As a reminder, Excused absences means your child is allowed to make up work (homework, quizzes, tests). Unexcused absence means teachers are not required to allow the student to make work up.


A common reason students would be considered unexcused is vacation. Please let the attendance office know if your family has a vacation or extended absences planned ASAP so that we're all on the same page.