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lincoln's dragon boat team took champion ships in international dragon boat competition

By:Congnan Lu

Lincoln's Dragon boat team working together paddling during the competition Photo By: Allison Chen

 Lincoln’s Dragon Boat Team took Championships in International Dragon Boat Competition

 In the 11th International Dragon Boat Federation Club Crew World Championships which happened this summer at Szeged, Hungary, Lincoln’s dragon boat team competed with other fast teams around the world and took four gold medals and two silver medals from the six categories (eighteen rounds) they competed in.

     Lincoln raced and won gold in Junior A 200 meter mixed and women, Junior A 500 meter mixed and women. The team also won silver medals in Junior A 200 and 500 for boys.

    Lincoln’s dragon boat team raced against many fierce teams around the world and achieved great result, according to Matt Chen, one of Lincoln’s dragon boat team coaches who went to Hungary.

    “Since our team did compete on an international level, a lot of teams competing were pretty strong and proved themselves in order to compete” Chen continued, “the Canadian team, Eric Hamber Eternal Dragon, is considered to be the fastest youth team in the world and has been dominating the U18 (Under eighteen) division for the past decade, but it wasn’t until this year that an international team beat them in the race. The team is Lincoln.”

The experience in Hungary was special and different, according to two paddlers. Justin Li, a junior paddler who went to Hungary, said, “The feeling of this sport is more visible in Hungary since there are a lot of teams that worked so hard and really wanted to win. I was excited to see how dragon boat is represented as an international sport.”

Clare Delucchi, a senior paddler who went to Hungary, said, “We were both scared and excited because we didn’t know how well we can do against all other teams, but we are also excited since it’s a big deal for us to even be there.” Delucchi continued,  “We’ve been practicing so long for this. We know how to paddle and what’s coming next.”

    Moreover, two paddlers expressed their goals as well.

    “After Hungary, we lost most of our seniors. But the younger generations are also ambitious to go to other international races such as Vancouver and Paris 2020.” said Li,        

   “We want each generation to be stronger than the last and achieves more.” said Delucchi.

Caption: Lincoln’s dragon boat team working together paddling during the competition.

Lincoln's girls volleyball team starts a new season

By: Leo Lin

(From left to right. Nicole Leo, Lana Radakovic, Valerie Cheung, Makayla Scott, Jasmine Yun) Girls are celebrating after winning a point in a game Photo By: Ken Chong

    After winning the Nor-Cal championship last year, the Abraham Lincoln’s girls varsity volleyball team became the first San Francisco public high school to enter a state championship volleyball game and placed in second. Now, a new volleyball season begins and the girls are trying to continue their legacy.

 Two seniors were graduated from the team last year, one of them was starting setter of the team for four years, and another one was the starting outside hitter of the team for fours years as well.

   “ I think it affected us from a leadership standpoint, but also experience. It just a lot of experience that we lost on the court, but then we have girls who are returning this year been stepping up, and also our new setter who’s a sophomore has been stepping up a lot,” Said head coach Vince Tang.

The team had their tryouts the week before school started, and after series of cuts, the team was established and started practicing. During practice, not only did the girls focus on their technique but also on building a strong relationship with each other.

   “ Honestly, in the beginning, we were pretty segregated because there’s a lot of new girls, but then after a few tournaments and dinners together we all got pretty close and that's important because you can't play well on the court if you don't have good team chemistry. Volleyball requires you to talk and if we aren’t comfortable with each other that would be hard,” Said player Jasmine Yun.

  Even though the team thought they did well last season, they want to improve more.

   “ I think the bigger improvement we can make is mentally staying focus, and understanding that it's a long season and there’s gonna be ups and downs but if we mentally stay strong at practice or in the game, that is gonna carry us a long way,” Said Tang.

 "I think the best thing we can do is take and learn from what achieved, as well as did not achieve from last season, and learn from it and use it to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. This team has a lot of great potentials and I’m excited I see where this season takes us,” Said captain of the team, Lana Radakovic.

  The team is currently doing well with an overall record of 22-5 and being undefeated in the league.

Dragon boat gets funding through volunteering

By: David Huang

Dragon boat volunteer as a way to get their funding Photo By: Tony Yung

     Dragon boat team did funding a lot in a year. Dragon boat teams always go to far places outside of San Francisco to battle with other schools. Dragon boat did funded a lot because they have a lot of people, so they could get a lot of money for the team to go to far places. They get funds from fundraisers, like doing volunteering work such as marathons to selling clothes or candy.

They get funded in the summer and school year because they need money for the teams. They have to work for six hours or more. This summer the dragon boat team took a gold medal in the four competitions at the 11th International Dragon Boat Federation (DBF) Club Crew World Championship races in Szege, and they got a lot of money for next year to compete against other dragon boat teams.

Bryan Yu is a senior, who said that they get money from doing fundraisers in the summer and school year. Everyone has to go to the fundraisers if they are in the team. The dragon boat is special, they do not follow the San Francisco sports rules. They are a club that is outside of the school, maybe that is why the school is not supporting their funding. The only mandatory thing that they have to buy is a racing jersey. Besides that, they normally do fundraisers to buy the stuff they need or reduce the prices. Tony Young is a senior, who said “in the boat, there are 20 other people who are doing the same exact thing you're doing.” Besides the obvious, we do not only spend time at Lake Merced practicing but we also do hangouts together and bond very efficiently. The school should help the dragon boat team because they won the four competitions and they work very hard, so the dragon boat should so less funding, let the school help them a little bit. At less when they are doing the fundraising, they are having fun.

ALHS' cheer team strives to reach nationals again!

By: Alisa Romagnoli

The ALHS cheer team hopes to reach into nationals this year. Photo Courtesy By: Sabrina Chu

   ALHS’ Cheer team has gone to compete at Nationals every year since anyone at Lincoln can remember. You can tell they strive to keep their legacy ongoing with fierce determination. 2019 National Cheer Competition may be a while away (February), but ALHS’ mustangs are already running to the race.

 Interviewed first, was cheer coach Sue Kenney about her thoughts of this years nationals. After being asked how she felt about competing with this years team she answered, “If it’s anything like the past, It’ll be really good.” About last year's competition she says, “We competed with a different competition company for nationals and it was much better, we got second place and so it would be nice to go back this year and win.” Last year the team went to Vegas to compete instead of the usual LA competition. Kenney says she feels very positive about the new group of freshman on the team going to nationals with the sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Next interviewed, was cheer member Ilysa Berger, she has been on the team since her freshman year and is now a junior. She agreed with coach Kenney that Vegas will be the winning spot for this years competition,” I would say Vegas because I think we get more control in what we do, in Vegas the judges are more open-minded verses in LA.” Berger explained how one of the hardest things when it comes to Nationals is the pressure. “I think the pressure depends on how bad everyone wants it. I think last year we did so good because everyone really pushed for the win,” says Berger with determination. She adds, “It’s up to the team this year on how hard we’re gonna push ourselves.”

While Berger sits proud in front of me wearing her cheer jacket, she is asked how she feels about the coach this year going into nationals. Said (with a smile) Berger responds, “Coach Kenney is great.” “What about the other coach?” She is asked, “I think that our other coach, Bertha, just wants the best for us in the end of it and is just trying to push us to do the best we can.” Berger goes on to add how the team is just very different this year with the seniors gone, all the new freshman, and how she thinks the coach is still just trying to figure out how to manage that. Berger fills me in on the steps the team takes to prepare for Nationals, “A lot of intense practices, extra practices, the regionals competition we prepare for, a few competitions to get us prepared for Nationals, and overall just putting in work to get to where we want to be.” Last of all, she is asked how she likes being a cheerleader, “I like it, I wish the school would stop making fun of us.” She responds confidently, “Put that in.”

Even with time on their hands until the competition, the coaches and the cheer team still have Nationals on their mind.

lady mustang prepares for the olympics

By: Jael Brvant

    Julia Yun, freshmen at Lincoln High School takes major steps in order to complete her goal to go the 2024 Olympics. Yun is a busy woman for just 15 years old, her whole life has been about sports since she was in in elementary school. She weightlifts every day in her 6th period and after school she goes straight to volleyball practice.  She started in elementary school when she was forced to start weightlifting. It wasn't until she went to her first meet, which she was also forced to go to that she discovered that she really liked it.


 Now Yun is a champion taking home several medals and achievements for her meets and competitions. She also became the youngest American clean-and-jerk 100kg this past September.  This young lady does not only just weight lift, she also is on the varsity volleyball team where she plays with her sister Yun started volleyball in the third grade. She wanted to start because her sister started playing, but she has now decided that weight lifting is what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

 Yun says she definitely has goals to get where she wants to be by 2024 so she can get the Olympics in  Paris, France.

 She says her main goal is to stay healthy, “Focussing on myself rather than others, and trying to do the best she can d0 day by day, meet by meet”. She says when she eats healthier, she ultimately  feels better and more good.

 Although weight lifting is her best strong suit, one thing that she needs help with is her time management. One of her weight lifting coaches Mr. Doherty says that’s one of the few things she really needs to work on “volleyball and weightlifting, and trusting that her coaches have her best interest at heart.”. As she agrees with him, she states that time management is very hard because she has difficulty finding time to do homework after  practices, meets and vigorous trainings.

 When speaking with Doherty he said that she is “really stubborn which makes her really good, she has a very warm personality, she cares about everyone on her team. She just awesome.”

 When I asked her what it was like missing out in activities with her friends, she stated that sometimes it’s hard to miss activities with her friends because of her athletic  schedule. But she still squeezes in the time to spend time with them because it’s very important for her to make time for them. When speaking with her friend, she spoke very proud of Yun.

 She stated that its “very awesome that she has these amazing abilities and that she can do all these awesome things.”

 Overall  Yun is a powerful female who just wants greatness. She doesn't even have any sports heroes or anyone to look up to because she says who they are is important to her, but where they are in their athletic career.  When asked her if she had any advice to give athletes or just anyone who wanted to start weight lifting or anyu sports, she said “don’t knock it till you try it.” Yun is going to get places with weightlifting and we need to be ready to look out!