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Positive Changes In English Learner Development Program Benefit Immigrant Students

By:Krystal Liu

Marlena Doyle, ELD counslor at Lincoln, has worked in the Lincoln ELD program for 11 years.        Photo By: Krystal Liu

   Doyle Marlena , a counselor who has worked for 11 years in ELD, said " In this school year, Lincoln Changes English Learner Development system."              

          Kwan Kapui, a new student from Hong Kong, said “ In my knowledge, the previous ELD student had to take ELD 1-2 and 3-4, but those classes did not have English credits and took students two years to finish. However, the school puts different levels of students together so that we can also get English credits. It provides more opportunities to new students.”

            The reason why California established ELD because before a lot of immigrant student they can not participated well in classes, they thought it was hard to follow. Therefore their parent seek for legal. The United States Supreme Court unanimously decided that schools gave

non-English speakers limited English proficiency. The court held that the school violated the Civil Right Act of 1964. Since that time, the court asked the schools to give appropriate courses to non-English speakers.  ELD is not only a pathway which leads non- English speakers, but also affects their life in the future. California announced that they need to change old ELD in 2012. In those years, Lincoln kept finding a way to engage students. Therefore, teachers who work in ELD usually support ELD students.

             Doyle said, “ The old model in ELD expected students learn English first, but that did not work for high school students. High school students have their personality, that is why we need to improve it. Based on the old model, we try to build up on it. We hope teachers can teach language through content, and teach content through language at the same time.”

             Mixing different cultures, and different language students in the same class also is an effective way to educate them. Yang Xueer, a senior says, “It is very funny to learn with people who speak different languages. I make lots of friends from different countries, and I am curious about their culture. We get along very well even though we speak different languages, I do not think that will be a big issue for us because we learn and improve together.”  

          ELD helps most students from different countries transferring to regular classes. Students can get the most appropriate education through this program and be capable to earn more confidence when they move on to the next level of English.

Lockers are being broken causing major problem at lincoln

By: HuanBin Chen

Lincoln responded quickly, fixing PE changing room lockers after thieves broke them.                     Photo By: HuanBin Chen

     We must agree that having a reliable place to keep our property is very important. At school, students can only place their property in their lockers whether it is a regular locker or PE locker, but what happens when these little “homes” are invaded?

     This is a typical problem that has troubled at Lincoln which when your PE locker is broken in by someone else, and people’s property is stolen. However, the problem keeps on growing, and the PE staffs could not discover a way to reduce this incident.

   Once upon a time, I was coming back to the locker room from PE class, and my class dismissed a little later than the others, so people were ahead of me before I went back to my locker. When I get to my locker, I was frozen by the fact that my lock is broken and my backpack was unzipped. I quickly digged my hands into the backpack and searched for my wallet to see if my allowance was still safe, when I pulled out my wallet and checked the money was obviously gone. I was mad but also disappointed because I never expect this will happen to me. I reported to my PE teacher, Ms.Kwan, but eventually we did not find out who was the thief.

    “One time my lock was cut by someone, and apparently they took my wallet then they pretend to return my wallet to the dean office, but the money was all gone. Also,  I feel frustrated because of this, and I never had such experience like this, so I hope the school can figure out some ways to solve this problem.” said huanmin Gong, a sophomore student at Lincoln. “Although we can’t set the cameras in the locker room, the teachers should remind students to avoid putting their personal property in the PE locker. Such as, cell phones and wallets, and teachers should also have the responsibility to ensure there is nobody left  in the locker Locker room.” said Ms.Eng who is an English teacher at Lincoln. Also Mr.Balser had reflected, “ I feel very sad about this, and it is a serious problem that had been occurring since the last few years, however, we have not figured out a way to reduce or eliminate this problem, and the only thing we can do is to remind students to not place their expensive personal property in the PE lockers.

ALHS celebrates National Coming Out Day with the GSA Club.

By: Maria Martinez Diaz

The GSA Club celebrates National                         Photo By: Olive Savoie
 Coming Out Day at Fall Fest

lincoln students attend hbcu conference at mission high school

Photo By: Jeremy Traylor

     National Coming Out Day is an annual event held on October 11.  San Francisco is where it all started, where the LGBTQ community came out as who they identify as and all the issues they face in this society. No one should ever feel the need to hide a part of who they are. No one should ever be afraid that they will lose those closest people around them if they show who they really are. No one should ever have to struggle with their identity the way so many people unfortunately have. This holiday was created back in 1988 by Robert Eichberg and Jen O’Leardy in celebration of the second gay march held back in Washington DC the year before.

 The GSA club at Lincoln organized an event where allies or anyone who wanted to come out could.  I spoke to Olive Savoie the head of the GSA club and she said, “National Coming Out Day is important not only to us, individally in the LGBTQ community, but as a collective.” It’s critical because LGBTQ kids need someone to look up to and to validate their identity. So that's why it's important that everyone who is ready to come out can come out safely.”

 I also spoke to Sofia Sanchez another member of GSA, and she said, “We organized this event so anyone in the LGBTQ community can come out of the ‘closet’ and be able to feel ready and in a safe environment. We didn’t do this whole event to pressure anyone; everyone has their own time. We also did this so people can be inspired to be open about who they truly are too!”

 National Coming Out Day should be a day where we can all feel appreciated and everyone can be comfortable with one another.  Lincoln is a safe, welcoming community, and everyone should feel like they can be themselves.


A group of Lincoln students who attended an conference of historically black college universities.
Students flock to learn more about a possible HBCU that they could attend.

     With college fever in the air for seniors, interested african american students from Lincoln were able to learn more about their college options at an HBCU conference at mission high school. For more information of the conference, and a student who was admitted on the spot to multiple schools.

A school liason for Tennessee State University provides information to Lincoln Students.