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students can reach a positive mindset about school

By:Alexis Gomez

Mr.Harris doing warrior II pose in the yoga room at LincolnPhoto By: Alexis Gomez

    Anxiety, it runs through our veins like blood itself. In 2016 the American  College Health Association reported a 62% increase of overwhelming anxiety in college students, “Stress can affect us, mind and body and can lead to mental health issues”, says Nurse Genevieve. As the school year starts, the workload is piling up. Sports are beginning and schoolwork is starting to pile on. Students are trying to balance jobs,sports and school. I know how hard it can be, sometimes we can feel isolated and stressed because of what we have on our plate.Stress and anxiety can come up in different ways. You might feel tired or a little slow. It may also come up physically, Nurse Genevieve has seen many students come in with stomach aches and headaches because that is what's familiar to them. Not many students can identify when they are feeling overwhelmed and how to react to it.

There are many steps and habits we can form to keep ourselves in check. Breathing exercises work really well. I prefer to do them before a test so I can stay in a calm mindset and not be affected by anyone's energy. When one's breathing slows, it also decreases blood pressure,heart rate and muscle tension. So breathing gives us that sense of ease and makes everything going on around us seem calmer.

Another really easy tip is to eat! It's important to eat breakfast everyday because that's how we get our energy through the day. Skipping breakfast can cause us to be frustrated and not focused. So,in first through third period we might not be able to give our full attention to our classes. Eating a healthy breakfast can lead to better concentration and increased energy.

One habit that always works for me is using aromatherapy to help me get through doing my homework at home. It’s really difficult for me, to focus on my schoolwork when I’m not at school. I have so many distractions and I can’t concentrate at all. I use a diffuser and then drop my favorite essential oils in them to give my room a better atmosphere. A diffuser disperses any oils you put in it into a room. It is diffused with water so it comes out as a steam.

Exercise is a very effective method to stress and anxiety while keeping us our minds and bodies healthy. Physical activity can reduce stress because being fit can lead to not being able to concentrate, making it easier for someone to have an anxiety attack because they cannot focus on anything else. So when someone is exercising regularly it will improve concentration, tension and improved mood.

Being stressed is a part of being human. We can do alot to regulate it and manage our stress levels, with these simple techniques from exercise to aromatherapy. It all depends on the person.

Lincoln students flock to oakland for star-studded music festival

By: Zev Creil-Friedman

Lincoln girls kick off the day by posing for some pictures for Instagram Photo by Zev Criel-Friedman


    As students hopped off BART on September 15th and 16th they were greeted with an array of security officers, tons of fellow excited peers, and pleasant warm weather. The festival, Rolling Loud, was stacked with superstar artists, ranging from bay area favorites E-40 and Mike Sherm to current mainstream headliners Lil Uzi Vert and Travis Scott. Although the event was all ages students of high school age were by far the predominant attendees.

Due to this relative age similarity, most students found the environment to be generally very welcoming, as Junior Izzy Galvao put it, “The atmosphere was really positive and mostly everyone was chill and nice.”

Fellow Junior Alexis Gomez, shared this sentiment, saying, “It was fun, intense sometimes, but pretty fun.”

For Gomez, the show was particularly intense during her trip to the front to see her favorite artist YG. The renowned Compton artist electrified the crowd, performing all of his hits, from “Toot it and Boot it: and  “Big Bank.” Additionally, YG brought out Warriors’ rookie Jordan Bell and fellow rapper Tyga.

The front was amazing because I could literally see YG, but all the pushing was pretty uncomfortable. It was still worth it though,” said Gomez.

Another common means of intensity were mosh pits which were opened frequently and fiercely, often being called for by the performers themselves. Senior Urban Tedeski was a fan of said occurrences, saying, “Those were the best part, they were hella lit.”

Tedeski even had the courage to hop into one of the pits with a GoPro to film the recklessness from within. “It was a lot of fun. There was some great footage.”

Others were not as fond of the forcefulness, as Junior Alisa Romagnoli said, “Last year there wasn’t as much annoying stuff like pushing.” Other “annoying” parts of the festival according to Romagnoli and many others included the venue itself along with its lack of service.

It was in a crusty ass parking lot. My fits were able to be appreciated,” said Gomez.  

Galvao noted, “It was really hard to get in contact with your buddies because there was no service.”

Despite these elements, the festival was almost unanimously said to be worth it, especially for the price it was being offered at.

Senior Anson Kong said, “I paid all that money to have a good time so I had to turn up.”

Galvao added that “having all of your favorite artists all in one place definitely made it worth it.”

With such a variety of different performers - including Chief Keef, Young Thug, Lil Baby and Juice Wrld - everyone was able to enjoy a multitude of their favorite artists, with Romagnoli saying “Trippie Red was really good because he played all of his old stuff.”  

Tedeski particularly enjoyed E-40, saying his set was “probably my favorite performance because of all the people he brought out.”

The bay area legend was accompanied by fellow artists Nef the Pharaoh, Mistah Fab, and P-Lo, and galvanized the crowd performing Tell Me When To Go and Function among other songs.

Other favorites included the electrifying duo Rae Sremmurd with their performance of songs including Black Beetles and No Type, and Lil Skies and his energized performance of songs such as Lust and Red Roses.

Headlining and closing the event fresh off the release of his new album Astroworld, which sold 537,000 copies first week, was Houston native Travis Scott. With the entire turnout frolicking to get a good view of the renowned artist, many had to stick up with little personal space to get a glimpse.

 "I felt like I was getting smothered,” said Tedeski. However, the lack of comfort did little to undermine the experience.

Scott's exuberance and animation invigorated the crowd, with the collective energy growing with each and every song. From Antidote to Goosebumps to his new hit record SICKO MODE, the contagious vibrancy of the atmosphere lasted the entire hour and a half performance, and left fans with memories that will endure for much longer.

As Tedeski simply put it, “It was amazing.”

high school students combines music and street wear

By:Justin Wong

Urban Tedeski (Herb) works on prducing his next beat tape.Photo by Justion Wong

    Making good quality music isn’t as easy as it seems, but Urban Tedeski has made it happen. Tedeski is a student from Abraham Lincoln high school who makes music for SoundCloud while balancing his school work. Tedeski started making music when he was 13 years old when he bought Ableton Live 9. Known as “Herb,” Tedeski started of making mainly EDM.

“All music inspires me as I want to be different from others. I don’t want to sound the same I want to sound different from others.”says Herb. Nowadays everybody is making music and it's becoming easier to than ever to produce music. Especially since apps like Soundcloud and Spotify is allowing young people to upload music on to their sites. There are many opportunities for the young and old to make music and put it on many music streaming apps or websites.

A friend of Herb’s Josson Belluschi pitched out an idea of combining music and clothing.“People seem so unmotivated to do anything to help and change themselves and the better of out culture, they don’t want to try anymore. The message Woezs is portraying is that don’t waste the time you’ve got here on earth, you can do so much with just a little change of mindset and goal setting, basically you can achieve anything you truly set yourself to.” said Belluschi. Which seems true because when someone sets their mind on a goal and if they work hard enough they can achieve that goal. Now they are making streetwear for an affordable price which everyone can buy.

Herb and Belluschi created Woezs and now they are making streetwear and producing music. It is possible for anyone to do something to change the community. Just because you are scared of doing something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. The outcomes can be tremendous.


The use of marijuana has impacts on students' learning

By: Ruoiie Tiffany Hu

Contraband confiscated from students on school grounds by dean Joel Balzar Photo by Ruojie Tiffany Hu

Marijuana, a psychoactive drug that is used for facilitating medical support, contributes to relief agencies and reduces sufferings. However, it causes substantial consequence if it is abused. For instance, the brain will be stimulated and make people feel disoriented and unable to concentrate.

 Since cannabis became legal, the statistics of people who smoke marijuana in public and even school, are highly enhanced.  

 Statistically, the number of students nationwide who report "regular" marijuana use is sometimes as high as 16% but almost never below 14% has remained relatively constant for the past thirty or forty years.

 "Smoking cannabis has made a lousy influence on young adults and individuals, further impact on the function of developing the brain," said Kenyatta Scott, a math teacher who teaches at Lincoln gave his feedback on marijuana.

  I asked how marijuana has changed in Lincoln, and this was what Joel Balzer, the dean, said,  "The fact is 50 % of high school Seniors report that they have at least "tried" marijuana once, and we should expect things to be any different at Lincoln."

  Furthermore, students would have to cover their mouth while passing through the smokes which are annoying and brings inconvenient for people at school. Therefore, the restrict of marijuana is vital because of worrying about the addiction to drugs and the personal space of people who do not smoke. Schools should be paying more attention on the students who violate the school policy, and to protect others’ learning environment.

lincoln senior starts streetwear brand "woezs"

By: Urban Tedeski

Merchandice avaliable from Woezs first drop of clothing

    Many high school students have a passion or a dream to do something big. Many want to be artists or designers, a career that they can be known for; something that people will recognize and support. But the sad truth is that many of them don’t choose to pursue their passion, whether it’s because they don’t have the time to, or they think it just isn’t possible. But for Josson Belluschi, the founder of Woezs, there is no excuse to not pursue your passion, and no excuse for putting it off.

Belluschi came to the realization of the true value of time. He told me that “Time is valuable… we can do so much with it, but no one uses it.” What Belluschi is saying is that as young people, we waste so much of it hanging out with friends and worrying about getting a degree in a work field that you may or may not enjoy. “ high school, if you know what you want to do, you can turn it into so much more. Especially as teenagers with all this time and influence.”

He wanted to spread that message; as young people, we need to use our time and influence to our advantage, since we have so much of it at our age. This is why he felt the need to start Woezs as soon as possible. Belluschi wanted to spread the message by actively embodying what he says. He had a passion for streetwear, so he starting making designs and currently has samples printed. Belluschi points out that “We have so much at our access that so many people don’t use” and that most of our generation “use it to waste time”, which is more true than ever with things like social media. Instead of just consuming content, he has prioritizes creating it as a way to promote his brand.

Utilizing his brand and social media isn’t the only thing Belluschi has done to spread his message. He has partnered with several other students in San Francisco, whether that is to collaborate, bring ideas to the table, or even become a part of Woezs. Julian Carreiro, a student at SOTA, is one of those people who has become part of the brand. He specializes in photography and video production, and has helped to produce much of the content on the Woezs Instagram page. He works with Belluschi to perfect designs for t shirts and posts for social media, and they have made several designs that will be released in the near future.

Even with all these creative ideas, Belluschi is not the first student to start their own clothing brand. Belluschi says that he is aware of this, and defends his business by claiming “No one really has an image for what they want to be… they all want to make profit & build a hypebeast brand.” Although this was a defensive statement, Belluschi has a point. He has built this brand around his original message of doing what you love and pursuing your passion, especially as a young person. This doesn’t mean Belluschi isn’t open to collaboration. In fact, he encourages collaborations with other students to even further embody this message.

As for the future of Woezs, Belluschi is very ambitious and optimistic. He wants to start a podcast as a way to directly relay the message his brand wants to embody. There are also plans for a music and video production aspect of the brand, which would be similar to a studio or label. Belluschi has also recruited people for these parts of the project. Zante Hays, a student at Lowell, has gotten on board as well to produce audio for content, and later on music for that aspect of the brand. On top of that, Belluschi is already printing shirts to be released in the near future. So why not support the youth and get a t-shirt?