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Chloe Rapin raises the bar

By Meghan Robinett


Photo taken by : Meghan Robinett


Chloe Rapin lifts a 140 pound bar.




Participating in cheerleading since freshman to junior year, and winning three City Championships, Chloe Rapin, a senior decided to join the weightlifting team as soon as cheerleading ended in the spring of 2016. Rapin states, “I joined weightlifting because I had already been weightlifting in PE and thought it was fun. Mr. Doherty thought I was a good athlete and recruited me.” For three years, Rapin played the flyer position. Rapin loved being one of the flyer’s because she liked the feeling of being lifted into the air by her teammates.


Susan Kenny, Rapin’s cheerleading coach who has been Lincoln’s cheerleading coach for years says, “I’m really sad that Chloe didn’t do cheerleading this year, but I know she will do great and put everything she has in weightlifting.”


Kenny described Rapin as one of the brightest and most intelligent students as Lincoln. Rapin’s GPA is a 4.0. Kenny comments, “Chloe got an interview at Harvard University. I wish her the best at her interview.”


Kenny will continue to give all her support to Rapin and is excited to see what the futures holds for Rapin. Rapin’s weightlifting coach, Kevin Doherty, who has been the coach for both weightlifting and track at Lincoln for years, has so much faith in Rapin. Ever since Rapin started weightlifting, she has shown nothing but dedication, discipline and intelligence.


Doherty states, “Chloe is always here at practice, all the time and is early. She attacks movements in a proficient, effective manner, which many people can’t do nowadays and is  extremely smart.”


Doherty is proud of Rapin and how far she has gone in just one year of weightlifting.


Doherty says, “Chloe has won a lot of local tournaments; she has competed in the American Open in Florida and is qualified for the regional championships in Florida.”


Doherty believes the transition Rapin has made from cheerleading to weightlifting is incredible because weightlifting is an individual sport and cheerleading is a team sport.


Rapin’s best weightlifting pose is the clean and jerk, in which Rapin has lifted 143 pounds. Rapin has lifted 220 pounds when she is in the squat pose.


Rapin would love to improve on her weightlifting poses and overall being the best person she can be to her teammates. Rapin says, “I want to continue working on form and become a lot stronger than I am already now.”


One of the first things Rapin will do when she goes to college will be inquiring about the weightlifting team. Rapin would love to continue participating in weightlifting throughout college. Since Rapin is finishing up her senior year doing weightlifting, she would pick weightlifting over cheerleading in college.


With all the dedication, hard-work and potential Kenny and Doherty see in Rapin, Rapin will continue to do well in her studies and weightlifting later in her life. One of Rapin’s goals is getting into Harvard University and graduating with a 4.0 GPA. Rapin states, “If I got into Harvard University, I would be shocked and surprised, but also so happy because I know I have worked hard in high school.”

Even though Rapin will graduate Lincoln High School, her impact on the cheerleading team will never be forgotten. Rapin will definitely miss her cheerleading and weightlifting teams because after all, her teammates made her who she is today. Rapin says, “I will miss weightlifting and cheerleading at Lincoln, but nothing lasts forever. I know switching from cheerleading to weightlifting was on the best decisions I have made and am thankful for that.”

The girls varsity basketball team shoots for another championship

By Ethan Angeles

Photo taken by : Ethan Angeles


Michelle Seto takes free throws in practice.





The girls varsity basketball team starts their season with a 18 to six record! Come and watch our lady mustangs play as they start a new season, conquer challenges, and achieve their goals. These ladies fight through tooth and nail to get their amazing wins! They are ranked 129th in the state, and 1248th in the nation.


Coach Jason Lee, ( the current head coach for more than 12 years now), says that this 18 to six record is the second best record in his career in coaching the Lincoln mustangs’ girls varsity basketball team. Coach Li and his two assistant coaches, ( Stephanie Lu and Kristina Lee), have all agreed that the only threat standing in their way, of another fabulous season, is themselves. Stephanie, Kristina and Monica all played for coach Jason in their high school years at Lincoln.


There were very few bad ending and close games. But as the games progress, so do the girls’ momentum, and thus, they tend to do better in their games near the end. Not only have the Lady Mustangs been having bad starts to their games, they also suffer from many illnesses and injuries. On January 17th, 2017 one of their key playmakers, Fiona Tam, hurt her ankle, and was forced to sit beside coach Stephanie Lu for the duration of the practice. Despite her ankle tweak in practice, Fiona was still able to participate in the game that took place the following day.


Coach Lu states that, “These girls get along well, because most of them have been playing together since Freshmen year. Even so, these girls fight, and get mad at each other. But what team doesn’t, at the end of the day, these girls still play together as one cohesive unit, each doing their small parts, to help the bigger picture, the team.”


Taking away the insult to injury piece, these girls have set a pretty high goal for themselves. Four year lady mustangs basketball player, Senior Savanna Andrews says, “I really wish we could win championships again this year, and go on and play further into state than we did last year.”


Strong words from a strong team. These girls play a fast paced catch and shoot offense to keep the momentum in the game going. The only point in the game when they are slow, is at the freethrow line or in timeouts. Even their defense is fast paced, they play a zone pick up defense where they never leave a girl open and always have pressure on the ball. They tend to try to force shots and make their opponents guess on how to play the mustang game, with their aggressive and smart defense.


Watch these spectacular girls play at their next home game or catch them captivate the crowd at their next away game. Home or away, these girls will be sure to amaze the crowd and play the game they love with passion. ​​​​​​​

The girl’s junior varsity team plays without a center

By Ethan Angeles


Photo taken by : Ethan Angeles


Megan Lee comes off a screen to shoot a lay up.






The girl’s junior varsity team has a 12 and 11 record. They have a very average season this year with a four and two league record to start. These girls have been playing with no center and have a roster of five guards and six forwards.


Coach Monica Bucholz says, “The losses we went through are going to be our turning point, and our fuel to win every game from now on. Hopefully we can get back into this season as either the top or top three seed in the San Francisco JV division.”


Kaylene Arce, freshman guard, says, “I think our biggest challenge so far, and maybe for this whole season was Lowell. They were a tough team and they wanted it more than us. Hopefully next time we play them, we’ll do better as a team to beat them.”


Some of the other girls have agreed that the only way for them to get better as a team and individually. This way, they will bond, and know each other’s play styles, thusly reading and reacting to one another no matter who or what the opponent or challenge they are all facing may be.


These girls run a two three press defense and a woman to woman (everyone on the court guards one person of respectable positions) defense. As mentioned above, this particular roster has five guards and six forwards, but they have no center amongst their ranks! Despite this, the girls guard who they need to and when The other girls on the court match up to the other opposing players, as best as possible.


Not having a center to hold down the post or be the big man down below, these girls run a quick offense, complete with fast break drives, quick passes, and fantastic shooting ability. Again without a center, and their tallest player being Francesca Cornell, (at five foot six inches), this team is very dependent on their shooting and quick scoring ability with their small ball, (a basketball lineup with a short center, or a mostly forward or guard roster), quick tactics. Rebounds not necessarily always being a quick option, these girls have to be precise in scoring and always follow back with their defense for another shot.

Lincoln badminton team is in pursuit of a seasoned trainer

By Cameron Takashima





Lincoln High School sports teams are prime examples of what we as students should strive to be: team players that trust one another and strive to better themselves through practice and effort. We have the coaches to thank, for they provide a safe, friendly and productive environment so that students can improve as people. For a team to actually compete and be considered a team, they most definitely need a coach. It does not even have to be someone who plays the sport or even knows how, though it definitely helps.


The current badminton coach, Henry Chan, is a great example of this. He has been with the team for three years, supporting them and helping them plan out their games. Some may wonder how they improve if they don't have someone who is experienced in badminton to coach them through their practices, but the reality is that they do. The captains of the team are a big help in this area, and for the past three years, this has been the go-to method for practice.


While Chan may not be the typical coach, he is still vastly appreciated and needed for his support and aid in team affairs. Although support can only go so far, it is for this reason that the team is hoping for a second coach.


Senior student, Nicole Chui puts it best, saying, “Mr.Chan is an encouraging coach, but with the support from an experienced badminton player or coach would be ideal.”

Recently, there has not been any news on the topic of the new coach. It is safe to say that the decision has not yet been made. All we can do is hope that a new coach will lead the team to become even stronger.