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The girls volleyball team are the city champions!




Photo taken by : Amy Yun


The girls varsity volleyball team smiles for their team picture.




The girls varsity volleyball team ended off their season by winning the AAA CIF San Francisco girls volleyball championship. They initially tied with Lowell high school for the top spot in their division (Division one), with an eleven and one record to end their regular season.


They then beat Wallenberg in the playoffs on November eighth. They beat Wallenberg in a quick three sets, the first set with a score of 25 to 10, the second set with a score of 25-14, and the third and last set they won with a score of 25-19


They then went to the championship, and played Lowell. The played a total of four sets. Winning the first, third, and fourth set. With scores of 26-24, 25-23, and 25-20. They only lost the second set, with a score of seventeen to twenty-five. Despite that one loss, they won the full game, and they are off to state playoffs.



Photo taken by : Amy Yun


Outside hitter Mackayla Scott hits for her team.


The JV football team had a tough season

By Ethan Angeles

Photo taken by : Yary Photography


Lincon’s JV football team posses for a team picture with the managers and some coaches.




The Mighty Mustangs have started their season with a four game winning streak. They have only lost to Mission High. One of the teams they played was Galileo. The Mustangs’ star running back Desean “Goldy-Locks” Crawford scored four touchdowns in this game.


On November first, Mustang safety/corner Norman Lin said, “I think Gal’ was a formidable opponent, but I also think that our biggest and toughest challenge this year was Mission High School.”


The week after, the Mustangs played their last game of the season against the Burton Pumas. (who forfeited their season after three major losses to Lowell, Lincoln and Galileo)


On November third, starting quarterback Rocky Marana said, “We definitely have a chance this year, we win as a team, we lose as a team, we play as a team, but we couldn’t be any less than a family. This team is a brotherhood, and no one has beef with anyone else. We rise as brothers and fall as brothers, and we intend to face our individual adversities, and beat them as one.”


Crawford scored three of the four touchdowns he had in the Galileo game from one play. The play was named T-India.


On November third, Desean “Goldy Locks” Crawford said, “My biggest challenge this year is getting carries and making plays. In my opinion, our biggest opponent this year will be Mission. They have athletes that match our team, but I think we will be able to beat them. Especially if we did what we have been doing all season; playing as a team, and doing our individual jobs, we helped the whole team get close to our shared goal of winning the championship.”


The JV football team has a league score of five and one. They have beaten Balboa, Washington, Lowell, Galileo and Burton. Their only loss was to Mission High School on November fifth. Their last opponent was the Burton Pumas, on November twelfth, and they won twenty-eight to zero. They ended their season with five and one last year, tying for the JV championship with Galileo and Mission, resulting in the first ever three way tie in the AAA JV football league.


On November second, Coach Andre Walker of the JV football team said, “I believe we did good this year, you might even say better than expected. We were toe-to-toe with the high caliber team, Hillsdale, who in fact, are ranked 25 in the Bay Area. We shut down their offense, and their key player, their unstoppable running back. No one has ever been able to stop him until us. We did lose the game, but only at the expense of one miss tackle. Nonetheless I believe we have a lot of talent and great people. One of the players, number 75, Nick Walker, is really hard working and doesn’t say a  word. Another player, number three, Desean, a young man that has every reason to fail, but doesn’t. I think we were able to go head to head with this team because we follow by the conditions of the three D’s. Dedication, Discipline, and Desire and we work harder than any other team in our league.”


Even through their hard work and dedication, the JV football team doesn’t receive enough recognition. No one knows of their games, records, or even sometimes their season till after it is finished. The last time a school administrator went to a game, was the varsity bell game.


Coach Dre said, “We have no JV love! They did not even mention our game at the bell game rally. I feel that jv works harder than varse and they get no recognition.”


On November second, Coach Mike Paloochi said, “My players religiously follow the three D’s and they work their butts off more than any other team, on and off their seasons. What my players lack in size and strength, they make up for in technique, skill, and heart.”


The mighty JV mustangs played a hard game until the end. They worked hard in and out of the practices and games. They worked out in the grueling summer heat. They ran when varsity went home and took showers, and they never gave up. They had a crushing defeat against Mission High, but other than that, their hard work got them to beating every other team in their league. As the freshmen learn from that one defeat and its effect on their whole season, the sophomore's move up to varse and play their hearts out for playoffs.

Nicole Zehm accomplishes her goals despite the expected

By Charlotte Hamm


Photo taken by : Charlotte Hamm


She's leading the warm-ups for the team.




Senior Nicole Zehm has overcome many crucibles throughout her life. Soccer has been a big part of her life that has made life challenges easier to deal with.


Zehm has been apart of the Lincoln soccer team all four years of attending Lincoln, and has been captain for two.


“I became team captain by showing dedication, leadership, and desire.” Zehm explained, “ I didn’t get this position handed to me but I worked for it. It started because I took charge of conditioning and stretching. I would check in with coach for updates and let the ladies know. I would also work to get more people to try out.”


Fellow teammates have vouched that Zehm is a good captain for their team. Senior Erica Vasquez, who has been on the team all four years with Zehm, is one of these players.


While explaining the growth of Zehm, Vasquez explained, “Over the years she has become more outgoing since when she first started.” Because of this, Zehm was able to become the in charge captain she is today.


Soccer is very important to Zehm. Although she has participated in other sports such as cross country and softball, but she does not enjoy these sports nearly as much. She can show off her athleticism during games and enjoy doing so, but it is not the most important thing to her. When asked about school and soccer, Zehm made it very clear school came first.



She started the response by implying school and her grades are most important by explaining, “I always takes care of my academics before soccer. I would miss a practice if schoolwork needed to be finished...after checking in with coach of course.”


She ended the response by stating, “School comes before sports, and if one can’t handle both, they have to choose.”


Studies have been done showing that high school student athletes do on average 10% better in academic subjects as compared to others. However, studies have also been done which show students with one parent generally get not only a lower GPA, but also lower test scores and attendance.


Although Zehm comes from a single mother household, this is actually what pushes her harder to do well.


“On top of keeping my grades up for soccer so I can play, my mom also pushes me to do my best in school so I can have more opportunities in my life.”


Zehm expressed her deep gratitude for her mother throughout the interview. From sharing her mom is her best friend who has shaped her to be the person she is to saying, “She [her mom] as a single mother is no different than being raised by two parents.”


“I never miss any of her [Zehm’s] games because I know how important soccer is to her. However, the injury after injury she gets makes me nervous,” Nicole’s mom, Vilma Zehm, explained.


Zehm opened up, “The hardest thing about soccer would be being injured. You couldn’t imagine the pain I went through not being able to play during the games or practices due to my injuries.”


She continued to express her compassion for her teammates who also get injured quite often.


On the team last year, Zehm shared, “Seven girls were out at different periods throughout the season due to ankle injuries, and  I was one.”


Fall Team Updates


Girls Volleyball


13-1 league record


League Champions


Varsity Football


8-5 overall record


League Champions


Next Game: Saturday (12/3) vs. Amador HS at Lincoln at Noon (California State Playoffs)


Girls Tennis


5-3 record


Lost in Semi-Finals


JV Girls Volleyball


7-1 record


Lost in Semi-Finals


F/S Football


5-1 record


2nd Place


Cross Country


Boys Varsity - 3rd Place

Girls Varsity - 4th Place


Christian Chun qualified for State Cross Country Championships