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2k18 is a money hungry game, feels rushed

By: Isaiah Rand 



2K18 is a basketball simulator made and published by the company 2K. The game allows you to play with all 30 NBA teams and the stars of those teams. People including Stephen Curry, LeBron James and even in my opinion the greatest player, Michael Jordan.


2K has been making the game since 1999 but didn’t become a fan favorite of the sport game community until 2010 when they introduced a mode called My Career. My career is a mode when you make your own character from scratch and build your player to your liking while playing on your favorite NBA team.


My career is what attracts everyone to 2K each year. In my opinion 2k17 was way better than 18 in the aspect of the game not trying to be so serious and so restrictive to the player. 2K18 supposed to be an arcade basketball simulator, arcade meaning that some of the gaming mechanics that happen in the game doesn’t make sense, but you still enjoy it and laugh it off. I made a Playmaker/Shot creator and the build is alright. My complaints are mainly with gameplay mechanics from major lagging when playing against other people, there is a lot of phasing through other players which makes playing defense hard sometimes.


The game as usual is hard to get into a game, major network issues. Every other year they’ll simply put an update out to “fix” the game even though it really won’t. Overall, I like the game because I went in with low expectations as anyone should.

Current 'Spider-Man' outshines previous iterations

By: Savinie Lin 


The famous spider clad superhero recently returned to the big screens, but as a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    People are shocked to find out that the superhero was going to appear in “Captain America: Civil War,” especially since Sony had the licenses for Spider-Man. “Spider-Man: Homecoming” received attention after it was announced that he was going to be apart of the franchise.

The movie includes interesting scenes and changes in actors; from the first “Spider-Man” with Tobey Maguire, to “The Amazing Spider-Man” with Andrew Garfield and now “Spider-Man: Homecoming” with Tom Holland. This new Spider-Man is different with Peter’s awkward one liners, his sense of morality, and the roles of iconic characters in the movie.

    What made this reboot so different and enticing to watch? I find Tom Holland to be the best Peter Parker with his attempt to hide his identity, witty comments during fight scenes, and how he really is just a kid. For example they didn’t make him seem older than he really is or focus just on his life as Spider-Man. Holland’s take on the Queens teenager is wittier and more realistic as Peter’s development in the movie progresses.

Holland plays a younger, more awkward version of Peter Parker who just entered sophomore year and is adjusting to being a superhero. The plot of the movie is about how Peter Parker deals with being Spider-Man and want to prove himself to Tony Stark. In this film we see Peter juggle the stress of being a sophomore student in an elite high school while hiding his secret identity from his friends and family. Marvel also introduces the villain Vulture, played by Michael Keaton, who is selling weaponry with alien technologies.

    “Spider-Man: Homecoming” does a great job at sticking to the storyline of the film which is Peter’s adjustment to becoming a superhero. The movie doesn’t have a love interest with a large role unlike the first “Spider-Man” or “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

    In the film Peter Parker is introduced without having scenes that are repetitive from the last two series such as the iconic Uncle Ben scene or the creation of Spider-Man. It is direct and a change from the first two Spider-Mans.

    This Spider-Man is a realistic version of who Peter Parker is, a high school student who’s still struggling to become a hero. Peter’s interactions with his best friend Ned or the weird public service announcements videos starring Steve Rogers are funny and provide comic relief. The movie doesn’t have superhero angst that takes over the duration of the film and focuses more on Peter and his life.

    What I like is how easy it is to relate to Peter, due to his fun interactions with Aunt May and difficulty talking to others. This Spider-Man is a realistic version of who Peter Parker is: a high school student who’s still struggling to become a hero. The movie doesn’t try to make Peter cooler than he seems or place him in a mysterious light like “The Amazing Spider-Man”’s rendition of Peter.

The diversity in the movie speaks wonder, especially to a generation filled with people of different ethnic groups, labels, and identities. Iconic roles such as Flash Thompson and Liz Allen are played by people of color, Tony Revolori and Laura Harrier. Iconic characters like Ned Leeds and Betty Brant are played by smaller actors and actresses which helps you envision them as the characters themselves. The young cast makes it easier to identify the characters as regular high school students rather than having them look older than they’re supposed to be.

    Holland’s version of Peter Parker garnered attention and publicity for the movie with the help of “Captain America: Civil War,” a movie he starred in May 2015. “Spider-Man: Homecoming”  received about 823 million USD in the box office and beated the original “Spider-Man” and “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” is definitely a movie that I’d recommend to people of all ages. In my eyes it stands as one of the best Spider-Man movies out of the three and Tom Holland does a great job with his interpretation of Peter Parker. It doesn’t stand as a superhero movie itself, it’s also a movie about a kid whose adapting to a lifestyle he loves, but doesn’t realize the consequences of his actions.

J. Cole's platinum album "4 Your Eyez only" hits home

By: Daroya McAlister



Have you ever heard a song that completely related to your whole life? Back in 2014 when my dad got out of jail it was hard for him to find a job because he had felonies. Since he couldn’t get a job he started robbing stores, which is how he went back to jail. When I heard the line “but these felonies making life the hardest” in the song “4 Your Eyez Only” that is how i felt.

After a two year wait J. Cole released the album “4 Your Eyez Only” which has been the only album I have related to. When I first heard this album it really hit home because I could relate to the themes he was portraying.

One of the lines in the song “Vile Mentality” that hit home for me was, “my dad died, he got shot he was set up by his friends.” This line made me very emotional because I have family members who have passed due to being set up by a friend. On another note, a 19 year old woman, Kenneka Jenkins, was found dead in a freezer who was set up by her best friend.

The genre of the album hip-hop with a more political meaning. The album has mellow beats that are easy to vibe to even if you can’t relate to the themes of the songs, but the themes in the songs are why I would really recommend this album. It has very powerful meanings, such as incarceration, outsiders judging you based on the color of your skin, and love.


“Dunkirk” 2017 on par with “Saving Private Ryan”

By: Ren Poeter

Operation Dynamo, otherwise known as The Evacuation of Dunkirk, was one of the most pivotal moments in the western front of World War II. If the evacuation wasn’t successful the Battle of Britain wouldn’t have happened at all. “Dunkirk” is a historical thriller/war film based on the evacuation of “Dunkirk” that took place late in May to early June, 1940.


Christopher Nolan, the director, really nailed it on the historical accuracy of the film from the distinct Stuka sirens on the JU-87s(the Nazi plane) to the sweet sound of the Rolls Royce Merlin engine on the Spitfires(the British plane). The film exceeds expectations and is able to capture precisely what happened even though most of the characters are entirely fictional.


One aspect really stood out to me about the film, the converging timelines.

I can’t remember an instance when a movie was actually able to achieve this without being overly confusing. The film starts off with three separate time lines, one starting a week before the final day of the evacuation, the second starting a day before, and the third starting an hour before. They all converge about 15 minutes before the end of the film. At this moment there is an interesting third act where you get to see the same shot from different perspectives, ultimately tying all the timelines together. All the while Hans Zimmer’s “Super Marine” theme that plays in the background is sure to keep the audience in constant suspense.


The casting couldn’t have been more perfect. We have big names such as Tom Hardy who plays Farrier, the ace pilot who has to choose between saving fuel or shooting down Nazis. Harry Styles is in the film as a young man trying to do his part on one of the little boats of Dunkirk. Kenneth Branagh plays the pier master.

Many new faces will pop up in the film and all of them were absolutely stellar, one of which was Fionn Whitehead. Whitehead plays a young soldier (Tommy) who is stranded on the the shore of Dunkirk, particularly the mole/causeway with his silent companion(Gibson), played by Aneurin Barnard.


In conclusion I would definitely  recommend this film to anyone. If you're a history buff, Nolan really did his research. If you just want to watch a great action film, Dunkirk is guaranteed to please. If you like Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, or Harry Styles, watch the movie. They all stand out in their own way.