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18-19 Current Year

Round 3

It’s another battle for the bottom 4 to stay in the game.  This time sophomore Congnan Lu and senior Emmanuel Marquez are starting off at a greater disadvantage and will have to really fight to stay in it.  Freshman Kaia Hines and junior Martin Koulikov are not too far down in points that their odds of making it another round are not as bad.

The first challenge was reaction time.  Contestants went online and waited for a red screen to turn green before clicking the mouse.  They have five tries that are averaged together.  This challenge went to Niner Caycie Clayton with an average time of 205 milliseconds.  The next best score was 234 milliseconds which was achieved by another Niner, Parker Barry.  Third place is the Shubin with 240 milliseconds.  The top 3 contestants were juniors Martin Koulikov (241) & Harrison Lee (243), and sophomore Hayden Barolette (245).

The second challenge was pulse pressure.  This is measured by taking one’s blood pressure and calculating the difference between the two results.  This measures how hard your heart is working and can be best managed through diet. The best score this year went to Niner Parker Barry with a score of 20, followed by freshman Courtney Langdon with 30.  In third, we have a three-way tie between the Shubin, senior Stanley Yuan, and junior Kally Cabrera at 32.

Once again, the Niners stood their ground, but it was a close call for them.  This round’s top Niner and new contestant is Parker Barry who has taken the #1 spot!  Also, the underclassmen have expanded to hold the top 5 spots including:  Yvonne Qiu (10th) in 2nd, Strother Ramsay (9th) in 3rd, Lucas Roth (9th) in 4th, and Kennan Grant (9th) in 5th.  The top 10 continues with Stanley Yuan (12th) in 6th, Hayden Barolette (10th) in 7th, Kally Cabrera (11th) in 8th, Janna Aniciete (11th) in 9th, and Sam Whitfield (12th) in 10th.  Meanwhile, Niner Caycie Clayton has also creeped back into the top 10.

The eliminations this round is coming with yet another surprise since last year’s 6th place finisher, senior Ben Mignola, has been eliminated along with freshman Joseph Cabrera and sophomore Congnan Lu.  The eliminations do not end there since Parker Barry is taking away someone’s spot, and unfortunately that is going to be senior Emmanuel Marquez.  The next set of contestants who are at the greatest risk of elimination are freshmen Kaia Hines & Courtney Langdon and juniors Harrison Lee & Aidan Ng.

Things are about to get tougher for the 6 remaining Niners who are spread out all over the ranks, making it much more difficult to get that 3rd Niner into the game to stop the Shubin.  In the next round, Niner Collin Cheung will have to step it up and avoid elimination to get another Niner in the game and stop the Shubin for good, but Jonas Abrams and Cindy Chong aren’t completely in the clear either!  

Round 2

Round 2 begins with sophomore Yvonne Qiu with more than double the points of the contestant in 3rd and freshman Lucas Roth with more than double the points of the contestant in 5th, so the two of them have a good chance of staying on top for another round.  Meanwhile, the four contestants who will need to fight to stay in the game are sophomores Jed Peek & Sammi Strong, freshman Skylar Yoshimura, and junior Aidan Ng.

The first challenge was the memory challenge.  Contestants scanned 36 images in a minute and had to write down as many as they can remember.  The Shubin set a new record with an 83% recall which helped to put him as the front runner after this round, but the Niners can easily take him out of 3 of them get into the game.  The next top score went to freshmen Strother Ramsay and Kennan Grant (Niner) who both had a 61% recall.  The third place went to Junior Kally Cabrera and sophomore Yvonne Qiu with a 58% recall.

The second challenge was the dexterity challenge.  Contestants stood 2 meters away from the wall and tossed a tennis ball against the wall and caught it alternating hands in 30 seconds.  This year, the top score goes to senior Bryant Liang with 34 exchanges.  Second place for a second year in a row is sophomore Jed Peek with 28 exchanges which is exactly what he needed to do to avoid elimination this round.  Third place goes to freshman Strother Ramsay.

As expected, the Niners stood their ground this round, so the first Niner will be entering the competition and eliminating a fourth contestant.  This round’s top Niner and new contestant is Kennan Grant!  This leads to a historic moment in Health Idol history: the top 4 are all underclassmen for the first time ever!  In order, they are sophomore Yvonne Qiu, followed by freshmen Lucas Roth, Kennan Grant, and Strother Ramsay.  The top 10 continues with a bunch of upperclassmen: Bryant Liang (12th), Janna Aniciete (11th), Sam Whitfield (12th), and Stanley Yuan (12th).  The two new contestants who did not get any time to prepare have also made the top 10: Kally Cabrera (11th) and Hayden Barolette (10th).  Be warned that 2 of the Niners are also within the top 10 and it wasn’t any of the ones there in the last round!  They are Parker Barry and Sean McCarthy.

The three to be eliminated this round are sophomore Sammi Strong, senior Ainsly Perez, and freshman Skylar Yoshimura who were not able to turn things around.  So who did the Niners eliminate first?  History teacher Chris Cary has been eliminated, and for those of you who are new to the competition, he won the competition in 2016 and has proved to be quite the unstoppable force.  This was an unexpected turn of events.

We have not had a student win the competition since 2012 and all it will take now is for the Niners to defeat the Shubin.  The seven remaining Niners are poised to steal another spot next round as long as they do not slip up, but anything can happen with pulse pressure and reaction time. 

Round 1

It is the 16th year of Health Idol and this year, it is the invasion of the Niners as nine 9th graders are fighting to steal a spot from one of this year’s contestants.  At the start of the competition, 2 students dropped out so their replacements start the game at a disadvantage of not being able to prepare ahead of time for the first challenges.  The new contestants are junior Kally Cabrera (whose younger brother is also in the competition) and sophomore Hayden Barolette.

The first challenge was the meme challenge.  Contestants were broken up in groups of 5 based on age and given a photo to caption.  The judges were made up 24 random students who ranked the 5 photos in each group.  This year, 2 of the contestants got unanimous victories in their groups and they were junior Janna Aniciete and sophomore Yvonne Qiu.  Their memes will appear on the Health Idol webpage at  Freshman Lucas Roth, came in right behind them with a near perfect score.  The other top scores from the 5 remaining sets include freshman Kaia Hines, the mysterious Shubin (who may also steal a spot if 3 of the Niners do not get into the competition), a tie between senior Bryant Liang and junior Harrison Lee, Niner Parker Barry, and another tie (which was nearly a fourway tie) between seniors Julian Aguirre and Sam Whitfield (who won the challenge last year).

The second challenge was the Stork Balance Test.  A few contestants broke the minute mark this year.  The top score went to Niner Kennan Grant at 1 minute and 25 seconds followed immediately by sophomore Yvonne Qiu at 1 minute and 24 seconds.  The third place spot went to freshman Strother Ramsay at 1 minute and 13 seconds.  This is a very strong showing for the underclassmen this year.  We have never had an underclassman win Health Idol and if they keep it up this could be the year it happens!  The average score this year was 39 seconds.

Overall, Yvonne Qiu (10th) and Lucas Roth (9th) take a big lead on their competition.  The top 5 are rounded out by Janna Aniciete (11th), Sam Whitfield (12th), and Martin Koulikov (11th).  The top 10 contestants also include Eric Hong (10th), Harrison Lee (11th), Strother Ramsay (9th), Joseph Cabrera (9th), and Stanley Yuan (12th).  However, this could be a very different list.  The Shubin scored in the top 10 along with Niners: Xander Contreras, Kennan Grant, Jonas Abrams, Caycie Clayton, and Cindy Chong.

So which three contestants have been eliminated?  This round, we are losing junior Iris Chu along with teachers Gianne Souza and Don Harris.  The next question is whether or not the Niners all scored above these 3, if they did they will take out sophomore Jed Peek (who came close to last year's record in the upcoming dexterity challenge).  We know that more than half of the Niners are within the top 10, but unfortunately Niner Imaya Anderson scored 0.01 points below Harris and also got eliminated.  Just one more second in the balance challenge would have made all the difference!  Peek survives the Niners in the first round to continue in the competition.


Health Idol: The Niners

This year, we are introducing the Niners.  9 freshmen who will be competing for a chance to kick out some of our official contestants.  This means we have 15 freshmen competing for the first time!  If none of the Niners score within the range of the eliminated contestants, then one of the will enter the competition and eliminate someone in their place.  Any of the Niners that do fall in the eliminated range will also fall out of the running.

There is also the Shubin, another contestant who has to outlast the Niners.  If 3 of the Niners get into the competition, then the Shubin will fade away in legend.


This year's contestants are:

Faculty: Chris Cary (History), Don Harris (PE), Gianne Souza (Science)

Seniors: Jose Marquez Ayala, Iris Chu, Sam Whitfield, Ben Mignola, Ainsly Perez, Julian Aguirre, Ruby Parish, Stanley Yuan, Bryant Liang

Juniors: Martin Koulikov, Harrison Lee, Emily Lui, Chloe Wong, Aidan Ng, Janna Aniciete

Sophomores: Congnan Lu, Jed Peek, Yvonne Qiu, Cristian Hidalgo, Eric Hong, Samantha Strong

Freshmen: Kaia Hines, Skylar Yoshimura, Lucas Roth, Joseph Cabrera, Strother Ramsay, Courtney Langdon

The Niners: Cindy Chong, Jonas Abrams, Xander Contreras, Imaya Anderson, Caycie Clayton, Parker Barry, Kennan Grant, Sean McCarthy, Collin Cheung


The Top 10

The Shubin (???)

1. Parker Barry (freshman)

2. Yvonne Qiu (sophomore)

3. Strother Ramsay (freshman)

4. Lucas Roth (freshman)

5. Kennan Grant (freshman)

6. Stanley Yuan (senior)

7. Hayden Barolette (sophomore)

Caycie Clayton (Niner)

8. Kally Cabrera (junior)

9. Janna Aniciete (junior)

10. Sam Whitfield (senior)

Remaining Contestants

11. Julian Aguirre (senior)

Xander Contreras (Niner)

12. Bryant Liang (senior)

13. Jed Peek (sophomore)

Sean McCarthy (Niner)

14. Martin Koulikov (junior)

15. Eric Hong (sophomore)

16. Chloe Wong (junior)

17. Ruby Parish (senior)

Cindy Chong (Niner)

Jonas Abrams (Niner)

18. Aidan Ng (junior)

19. Harrison Lee (junior)

20. Courtney Langdon (freshman)

21. Kaia Hines (freshman)

Collin Cheung (Niner)


22. Emmanuel Marquez (senior)

23. Congnan Lu (sophomore)

24. Joseph Cabrera (freshman)

25. Ben Mignola (senior)

26. Chris Cary (staff)

27. Skylar Yoshimura (freshman)

28. Ainsly Perez (senior)

29. Sammi Strong (sophomore)

30. Don Harris (staff)

Imaya Anderson (Niner)

31. Gianne Souza (staff)

32. Iris Chu (junior)