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California Scholarship Federation (CSF) Club

New applications for membership and the updated CSF Lists to help students fill out the forms.

The dues are $5 (or $1 with free/reduced lunch)

-Freshmen can become Associate Members.

-Sophomore, Juniors, and Seniors can become Full Members.

-Seniors with enough previous semesters of membership can become Life Members.

Download Applications for Membership HERE (For 2018-2019 Year)

Updated CSF Lists: 339cc_Abraham_Lincoln_HS.pdf (PDF)

Why Join CSF?

  • Membership in a group of students with similar interests by participating in club & volunteer activities together
  • You may awarded scholarships to specific colleges/universities (those awarded though Lincoln's CSF are based on active membership & community service)
  • Be a proud member of a 95 year old, well known & respected, non-profit organization (which is older than the National Honor Society & the Southern Academic Fraternities)
  • A student's membership is often noted by college admission officers

Volunteer Service

The motto of the California Scholarship Federation is “Scholarship for Service”.  Active members of CSF are expected to be involved in the community.  Students who volunteer at least 12 hours per semester are awarded membership cards and invited to an awards luncheon.  Active members are eligible to be nominated for Seymour Awards (statewide over $100,000 given out) when they are seniors.  The service does not have to be done exclusively for CSF.  Many members are involved in projects with other groups or organizations as they explore their beliefs, interests, and communities.  CSF promotes active and engaged citizenship by all its members.

Types of service include:

                 Promoting Youth Achievement


                Tutoring (both at ALHS and in other settings)                     

Coaching (Parks and Recreation, Youth Sports, Special Olympics, etc)

                Literacy Work (Library volunteers, working with schools, day care, immigration centers)

                Summer camp work (unpaid only)

                Museum Volunteers (there are LOTS of museums in San Francisco)

                Theater Volunteers (the Arts fit into this category)


                Park and Open Spaces

                Community Clean Ups

                Habitat restoration

                Native plant Nurseries

                Renew the Zoo

                Volunteers in Parks

                Recycling and Community Gardens


                Healthy Communities

                Volunteering in hospitals

                Volunteering with the Elderly

Youth for Chinatown Elderly, retirement homes, Laguna Hospital, Meals on Wheels, SHOA and similar groups

                Conflict mediation

                Public health projects

                Working with the disabled (Pomeroy Center…)

Food Banks (San Francisco has both a central Food Bank and neighborhood distribution centers)

Food Distribution – St Anthony’s Dining Hall, St Martin de Porres, Glide, etc


Public Safety and Emergency Response

First aid training

Volunteering at public events

Red Cross Disaster Relief


Service to others helps you better learn about yourself as well as helping your community.  Do you really want to become a teacher? A public interest lawyer? An ecologist? A doctor or health care provider? A children’s  advocate?  How can you preserve local or cultural heritage?  Can you make a difference in public health?  Hands on experience in political campaigning teaches you how to become effective in leadership. Working with the homeless, the ill, the elderly, children etc teaches you about your values.  Volunteering in the arts teaches you about culture and bringing beauty and meaning to everyday life.  Actively participating shows you your power to change the world.  Volunteer!



Graduation Posters from 2017 and 2016 are on display in the Main Hallway at ALHS.

Graduation 2016
Graduation 2016
Graduation 2014
Graduation 2014
CSF Graduates 2013
CSF Graduates 2013

California Scholarship Federation Statewide Website

Do you have the grades to join CSF?  It usually takes three A’s and one B (or better) in rigorous academic classes to qualify.  Anyone with these grades, no D’s or F’s, and satisfactory citizenship may join. 

 They celebrate the ideals of “Scholarship for Service” by doing volunteer service at least 12 hours per semester.  In the past, group volunteer opportunities have included tutoring, volunteering at the San Francisco Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, the San Francisco Zoo, and St Anthony’s Dining Hall.  Individual volunteer projects have included visiting wards at Laguna Honda Hospital, Holocaust Memorial oral history projects, tutoring in public libraries and grade schools, and working on political campaigns.  Students do not have to be active members, but only active members of CSF qualify for scholarships and awards.

CSF Lunch Meeting