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Lincoln Loggers 2012-2013

An optimistic student balances choir and school

by Penny Cosey

“Enjoy what your happy doing”. Hans Oberschelp is a junior at Abraham Lincoln High school in San Francisco, California. Oberschelp is an optimistic person who tends to stay committed even with the thought of giving up when struggles are too difficult to overcome.

With the hours of working all day Oberschelp had to balance choir and school since the age seven. His hard work and dedication has helped him manage the stress.

 He has been singing in an all boys choir for the past 9 years. He attended practices twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays.           

Soon enough his hard work paid off he graduated from the San Francisco all boys choir at the end of his eighth grade year. Now his practices are only once a week for an hour and a half. “It can sometimes be annoying, stated Oberschelp”. The reason for his statement is that some days are too much for him to handle.

 Being able to succeed in the past Oberschelp took on another load which is to be apart of Mock Trial. Mock Trial is a program that allows youth to gain public speaking and to be able to meet new youth. ”He said, I would rather be apart of Mock Trail then to do nothing on my free time”. This is his third year in Mock Trial and he describes it as almost a game. “Its not so much a debate, its fun using information to my advantage to manipulate the other team”, he said.

In the near future he plans to attend a big  and maintain an interesting job with not a lot of hours.

With the support of his good friends for two years now, Liping Huang he can succeed. In fact Huang describes his friend as “brains”. He said brains because he see his friend Oberschelp as a nerd, with a lot of knowledge. In this life time “brains” can help you get through anything. 

Passionate San Franciscan plans to become urban planner

by Sara Falls

San Francisco has long been a city praised and honored in song, art and popular culture.  Abraham Lincoln High School senior Justin Fung understands this passion.  Born and raised in San Francisco, Fung loves the city and plans on spending his future here as an urban planner.

He explains San Francisco’s allure: “It has everything you need.”  Fung says that he loves San Francisco’s temperate weather and how friendly people are.  But what he loves the most about San Francisco is how easy it is to get around.  In fact, Fung’s passion for San Francisco in large part coincides with his passion for transportation issues. 

He regularly reads blogs about mass transit and urban planning.  Though Fung says he’s nervous to admit his interest in transportation, he lights up when the topic comes up. “It affects everyone; you need to get to places and get to them safely.”

Leon Sultan, Fung’s American History teacher, confirms that Fung is knowledgeable and aware of the political and social forces that shape our society.  He says, “Justin loves local politics. He knows more about the SF board of supervisors, local ballot measures, etc. than most adults.”

Fung loves that, in San Francisco, one can choose to get around by car if they prefer, but it’s not necessary due to easy access to mass transit.

His favorite attractions in the city include Golden Gate Park; downtown, where he shops and explores; Fisherman’s Wharf and the Golden Gate Bridge, which he admits he doesn’t visit frequently but still loves.  He also lives near Twin Peaks, so he enjoys going there to take in the sweeping views of the city and beyond.

His favorite, lesser-known attraction is Mount Davidson, the highest peak in San Francisco.  Because it is in a residential neighborhood, one cannot drive to the top; they have to walk up.  Fung admits the view is “not as good as Twin Peaks, but it is still good.”

In his spare time, when not reading about transportation issues, he enjoys surfing the Internet, watching movies or television, visiting “random places” and hanging out, “not to cause trouble, to have fun.”

Fung hopes to attend either City College of San Francisco or San Francisco State University because he wants to stay in San Francisco, and he’s concerned that he won’t be able to get into any of the University of California schools.  He would love to study urban planning, a dream that would allow him to make the city he loves that much better.

Local girl advances to achieve high goals

by Stephanie Chu

With her hand clenched tightly on the foil, Jaimie Liu waits for the referee to give the order to advance toward her opponent. The referee yells,” Bout!” and the match began. Liu and her opponent both advance and retreat; they slashed, parried, and lunged at eachother. With twenty seconds left on the clock, Liu was able to make the first touch winning a point for her team.

 Liu played on the Abraham Lincoln High School fencing team during her sophomore year and participated in the Excel fencing club for three years.

“It’s not just about poking the other person, but the techniques you use to avoid them and to get ahead,” Liu says.

 Liu’s first interest in fencing blossomed after watching her brother, Bao Liu, fence for the Galileo team and coach Wallenburg’s fencing team.

 Bao Liu has been a huge influence on her. Known for being the second best in the city during his Galileo career, Liu’s brother helped her improve on her techniques and form.

“Jaimie still has a lot to learn, but from watching her compete, I can see that she is having fun,” Bao Liu says.

 Fencing is a sport that requires strategy and proper techniques to win. Although fencing is a very competitive sport,   Liu didn’t play to win; she played for the fun of fencing.

 With her optimistic personality, Liu was happy fencing with other players.  Her desire for fencing has lead to an anticipated return to the Mustang fencing team this coming spring.

Wong’s passion of baseball

by Justin Fung

    Baseball is our national pastime, but for some, it is a love affair.  This is a passion that Douglas Wong, a senior at Abraham Lincoln High School has, the passion of playing baseball since a child. 

    Wong is also a second year journalism student who has a great passion for the sport of baseball.  He started playing when he was young, about four years of age, with his dad.  He also has the joy of watching baseball as a spectator sport, getting to see the pitchers pitch and the hitters hit.  One of his favorite baseball players he enjoyed watching was Barry Bonds, a former baseball player for the San Francisco Giants. 

     Wong recalls when his dad played for a softball team for fun.  Wong participated in playing in these games, and even recalls  lincoln P.E. teacher Angelus Karas participating as well.  However the softball team that plays for pure fun is no longer in existence.        

     Wong wanted to try out for the baseball team at his former middle school at Lawton, and so he did; however when he tried out for the team he unfortunately did not make it.  This was not because he was incompetent, but because of what Wong claimed was “mistaken identity.”  Basically another person looked like Wong however did not tryout, and the team captain thought that other person was Wong.  When it occurred Wong was disappointed and angry at the coach and other baseball players for making the mistake of putting the wrong names on the list. 

     Though Wong did not make the team at Lawton, he hopes that he can try out and make the team here at Lincoln.  He wants to join regardless of whether it is playing varsity or junior varsity; he just wants to play.  That passion still comes alive. 

     One of his buddies William Tien recalls playing baseball with him one day and how he brought most of the baseball equipment. Tien described him as, “ very eager” after playing baseball with him. 

     When it comes to getting to know Wong another good friend of his, Randy Ng who has known Wong since first or second grade talks about the first time both met and what it felt like.  Ng claims that the interest about talking about sports and his great personality made the friendship possible.  When it came to describing him Ng describes him as, “smart, hardworking, enthusiastic.”

     On the other hand Tien who has known Douglas since sophomore year at Lincoln recalls meeting him in an advanced algebra class. During the first few days Tien remembers calling him “Harry” thinking that was his name.  Tien also claims and remembers that Wong was shy and very quiet.  Though it took time for them to make the friendship a reality, it happen because Tien claims that he got to know Wong more throughout the school year, and that they both shared similar hobbies like playing video games, both being Giants fans and playing basketball. 

    When asking Tien to describe Wong he described him as, “unique, critical of himself.”  Tien also claims that, “He is stubborn; If he think he is right about something he won’t give up.” 

     Douglas does not really know what he wants to do in the future.  he claims he doesn’t look forward to college because he will “...miss my friends”.  Some of the universities he wants to go to are UC Davis, UC Irvine or SF State.  He currently remains undecided about what he wants to do in life but is willing to do whatever is interesting. 

Enthused teen finds her passion in Lion Dancing

by Bobo Giang

Walking down the streets of Chinatown, one might hear the sound of beating drums and metal cymbals banging

on each other, as these loud sounds can be heard from miles away; you can thank Samantha Lee for that..  Lee is a Chinese/Vietnamese  was born in Antioch and came to San Francisco at a very young age along with her family of four.  When growing up she was bullied by her older brother.

 One motto that represents her passion for living life is, “live life to the fullest.” Lee joins a lion dance group called white crane after watching them perform. Lee never thought of how close she grown to the group.  Soon after, they became family to her.  She learned how to be more open-minded from her group due to training and traveling together which has made a huge impact on her life.

There isn’t really a schedule for how often she participates in Lion Dance shows, as the group only gets requests by customers who wants the group to perform in their events or ceremonies.  Not only she enjoys her lion dance, she also enjoys playing volleyball, basketball, football and baking. Lee is a great example of a kind hearted and concerted student. She never let anyone put her down, over the course of time in Lion dance, she learn to stand for her beliefs; “Don’t let anyone pick on you,  no matter how big or tall they are.” Her goal in life is to be successful, to be able to graduate college and have a good job afterward.

 “Although Samantha doesn’t think so herself, she is smart, independent, and a great artist,” expressed  by William Tien, a friend of Lee’s.

Who walks the halls?

by Michael Nguyen

     In the midst of the many different people you encounter while roaming the hallways of life, you will never meet anyone like Marie Vega.

    Born on January 23rd in 1996, she is a 16 year old junior attending Abraham Lincoln High School. She considers herself shy, but is very open to meeting new people and creating new friendships. She is an only child, and over the course of her life, she has developed a strong sense of self independency. A big influence throughout her life was television, “ I love watching T.V, i read a lot of screen writes and watching  the show show is like seeing what you have read unfold in real life”.

Her favorite shows are Grey’s Anatomy and comedies like ‘the Office”, which she enjoys watching because it fits her quirky type of humor. She wants to pursue her love and interest in television and become a screenwriter for a future T.V show. And after high school, she wants to move to Chicago for her college education, and study sketch comedy at a performance arts school called the “Second City”.

     When asked what is one word that describes herself, she replied, “very random”. Marie has a very unique personality that makes her very approachable and easy to get to know, “she is a great friend to have, she is very comfortable to be around and makes everyone laugh”, says a colleague.

     So when roaming the hallways of school, don’t forget to look out for Marie Vega, for perhaps you will have the pleasure of meeting her.

Big Things Come In Small Packages

by Liping Huang

In this big world, most people feel that they’re tiny. but for Jasper Lu, it is the other way around. With the mind of greatness, he aspires to rule the world! When you first look at Jasper, you may not notice at first, but he is quite an interesting guy. Born and raised in San Francisco, he loves his little brother Austin and has a eagerness for $$$. He first attended school in Daly City, but moved here since its more awesome here. Although shy and timid at first, Lu is very pleasant and chill. He looks forward to class and wants to join the academy of finance. His passion for math and the hunneds really transitions  into his dream of becoming a businessman or entrepreneur. I interviewed his friend Jefferson Le, and he gave lots of insight on Lu. “He helps me with my homework and he is a good friend. He really does wanna be a business dude like the guy from The Apprentice.” Although Lu has the drive of an successful entrepreneur, he doesn’t have the hair to be Donald Trump. When I asked what he would do if he got absolutely stacked, he replied, “I guess I would donate the money to help poor people and people in bad situations.” Not only does he have a great heart, he also dreams big. Jasper Lu is a one of a kind man, and loves life.

Serious senior Stephanie Chu elaborates on her all-time dream.

by Jaimie Liu

Since her adolescent days, Stephanie Chu has wanted nothing more than to achieve the title of a prominent architect. This was drawn from the strong impact her contractor Aunt gave her in her childhood.

 During this period of time, Chu spent a great deal of time with her aunt, usually focusing their time together on contracting projects. Chu’s aunt described all the details of the work with her neice, and as simple as she could, all the processes that went before and after the finishing touches of contracting. Slow and steadily, Chu began to enjoy even more every second she spent learning about her aunts exciting work, as everything became much too interesting.

At times, while home alone and with nothing better to do, Chu killed time by sketching and doodling. Before she realized she was constantly sketching down houses and structures! Not only that, but there were certain steps and rules she had herself follow to construct her ideal house,

One of Chu’s most favorite piece of architectual art pieces is the Golden Gate Bridge, right here in San Francisco. She has often gazed in awe at the beauty of such a splendid build. After a while, she has solidly decided on the legitimate start of her architectual future.

Various tones of style to add to those houses.” said her supportive elder sister Emily Chu. “She can go on hours on end focusing just on a small project. Every little detail matters to her, and time doesn’t exist.”

Chu is currently extremely prepared for college, full of confidence. She has already stated how willing she is to go

 Outside of school, Chu has already gotten herself involved in many mini-projects of her own, beautifully accomplishing them. usually working on different sizes of houses and constantly sketching down houses and structures! Not only that, but there were certain steps and rules she had herself follow to construct her ideal house, 

With her new obsession, she immeditaely understood that her sudden passion came from the deep and informative talks with her aunt. “My aunt showed me all these cool projects of hers. My drawings of constructing never were as good as hers, and even now they cannot compare, but I always try to immitate them.”

Generally, however, Chu is not about talk, but more about initiative and action. She has already decided to apply and hopefully enroll in either Berkley or Cal Poly Sanoma, for the sole reason of being part of their architectual program.

 But college is still a whole year away. Until Chu can genuinely go after her dreams, she will remain a high school senior for a little while more. Chu will continue to work dilligently and improve even more on her skills.

 Chu might’ve chosen to follow in her aunt’s footsteps. However she explains how it is not only the base of the structure, but everything about the exterior that drives her passion. Part of the real beauty is also how others immediately see it, and their first impressions.

Journalism student aspires to be police officer

by Jacob Ortega

    Being an officer of the law is a daunting task. One must be physically stout, mentally sound and hard working to succeed in the world of law enforcement. These traits can also be seen in Randy Ng, a senior at Abraham Lincoln High School.

   Born on July 3rd, 1995, Randy Ng first decided that he was going to join the police his freshman year, following research into the task. He enjoyed the thought of patrolling the streets, keeping them free of danger.

   As an extracurricular activity Ng goes to a local gym, where he lifts weights 4 days a week for one-and-a-half to two hours per session. He began his weightlifting at his house during freshman year, eventually acquiring a gym membership in his junior year “It helps me relieve stress,” Ng said.

   Ng joined journalism to develop his writing skills, mainly his spelling and punctuation. While he enjoys Abraham Lincoln High School for giving him an opportunity to interact socially with his peers, he dislikes the stereotypes that are unceremoniously bestowed upon social and racial groups within the school.

   “There’s a soft side of [Randy] and a tough side of him,” noted Samantha Lee, a fellow senior at Lincoln. “He never gives up, and encourages others not to give up. He’s very caring, [and] he gives good advice.”

Are you there God? It’s me Andrew.

by Marie Vegaa

        To most of us religion can mean one of two things a way of new life and hope or something/someone to blame our problems on other than ourselves. To Andrew Tang, it means the latter. Andrew was born and raised in San Francisco, California, He’s just like any other teenager, goes to school hangs out with friends, enjoys swimming and relaxes by playing video games. Religion was never something important to Tang until he got an invitation, from one of his peers, inviting him to a church dinner in late November 2012. “I really liked the people there and that’s what made me come back a second time” he says. With each visit to the church Tang because more and more interested in the Christianity religion. He wanted to become fully invested in the church and God. But not, two years later, he finds his mind wandering during church services. Tang says, “I don’t pay attention and I’m not showing respect like I used to.” When asked, Tang said he wants to go back and be a faithful Christian but can’t become he’s so distracted by non-Christian beliefs. Getting back to the old swing of things may be harder than Tang thought. With a little help form the church he believes he can find a way back to God.

Lincoln student speaks with an intelligent tongue

by Gloria Jeung

 Sitting across the room from Michael Nguyen, one will either see him laughing with friends, thinking, or sharing thoughts with others.

 Nguyen stands for individuality and his beliefs. He believes people should be whoever and whatever they want to be. He says, “My prime belief is that anything can be accomplished with the correct mentality and that anything can be accomplished through hard work.”

Nguyen is a smart, friendly guy who likes speaking and thinking in a profound way. He says, “I like the challenge of using words to articulate thoughts.” His favorite subject in school is English because he likes the English language and he likes writing creative essays.

 Even with his excessive vocabulary and high intelligence, he’s still an approachable, nice guy. He has many friends and gets along with everyone easily. He’s understanding and a good listener. One of Nguyen’s friends from middle school, Charles Wat, says, “Michael is a friendly guy who thinks a lot. He’s a very helpful person. If you need help, he’ll always be there.”

Highly motivated and focused teen aims to become a fitness guru

by William Tien

Being in her top shape and with the goal to be at the peak of her physique, Bao Gia Giang is on track for her goal to become a fitness expert. Giang, a Chinese born Vietnamese came to America at the age of six along with her family. She has one older sister who has recently graduated college. Growing up, Giang tried out a variety of activities and discovered her passion for exercising and staying in shape. During her years at Lincoln so far, she has been on the softball team and will try for the golf team this year just for fun.

Working out and being healthy is very important to Giang. The sight of junk food disgusts her as the only foods she eats are those that are beneficial to her well being. Fruits are among those foods and her favorites are coconut and pineapple. She is personally against the consumption of protein shakes because her physical goals are not to gain mass and look buff, rather to be toned. Also, the taste of protein shakes do not appeal to her taste buds. Giang’s commitment to working out is astounding as she goes to the gym six days a week. Over the summer, she also completed an extreme workout program called, “Insanity,” which worked out many muscles of the body and is described to be extremely tiring but rewarding.

Not only is her passion for fitness a personal hobby, but it is also her goal in life to become a fitness trainer. Giang aspires to help others become more healthy and to feel good about themselves.

“It makes me feel great about myself to help others feel great about themselves, and I really want to help raise people’s self-esteem by getting healthier,” Giang expressed.

Friends of Giang often describe her as extremely athletic and fit. Kristi Wong, best friend of Giang’s and a fellow senior at Lincoln shared her thoughts on Giang as, “very fun, open-minded to new sports, and extremely stretchy!”

Her current academic goals are to graduate high school, and get into a college or university with a major in kinesiology, which is the study of human movement. With a set academic goal already in mind, Giang’s aspirations to become a fitness trainer seems very likely.

Thinking like a writer and a journalist

by Andrew Tang

The average child spends his or her days wondering what they would want to become in the future. Charlotte Woo on the other hand has an interest and wants to put it to use with strong desires. She went through years of reading and feels influenced to express her self. Woo describes, “It has always been a big part of my life, reading for fun.”

Woo spends a lot of her time reading. She has been reading ever since kindergarten, powering through dozens of romance and fantasy books.

The tones of the books she reads affect her mood because of the enjoyment she receives from writing. She explains, “I write stories based around the events that occur in my life; friendship and golf are big influences.”

“Will Grayson, Will Grayson”, by John Green is one of the many books that influence her life. The book makes her have a positive mood and makes her want to write about friendship, music and any event that is positive.

One scene from ‘Will Grayson Will Grayson’ is an example. The scene is about two friends that bicker, tell hilarious jokes to each other and insult very sarcastically. The writing fills Woo with emotion and influences her to create work of her own and express personal thoughts.

Woo is a potential productive living being that would put interests to use. People like friends who knew her well, describe her by saying “Charlotte is one of those unique people who have various tastes in music and literature that influence her passions and interests,” said Chistine Ong, a friend. An average person who you may not care for can be important and make change in living beings’ existences.

Cheerleading becomes Lincoln student’s passion

by Christine Ong

Cheerleading may sound like a surprising activity for a normally calm girl, but Albina Protich, a junior at Lincoln, is doing exactly that. It has become her new passion and has helped her develop new friends. She tried out at the end of her freshman year for fun and ended up making the squad.

She enjoys how the activity keeps her physically fit while also working her brain in order to memorize the choreography. Protich alternates between the position of base and back spot. The base lifts the flyers up by their feet and holds them up while the back spot stands behind them to lift them up by their ankles and catch them if they fall. “Not only is she a leader on the cheerleading team, she is also a great role model for her peers,” says Penny Cosey, a fellow classmate. 

Cheer practice is three times a week for two and a half hours a day, sometimes including weekends. Practice keeps her busy throughout the weekdays and weekends in addition to games and competitions. She has little time for much else except school work. When she isn’t cheering, she enjoys driving and cleaning her car.

Currently Protich thinks junior year is off to a slow start, but she is still concentrated on getting a good GPA and doing well on the SAT, like most juniors. She is aiming to attend UCLA to major in Political Science because her dream job is being a lawyer. Protich enjoys debating in a calm manner, which is easy to see from her relaxed aura.

Protich has developed a bond with the team through their shared experiences. “Our team has come far this year and hopefully from here on we’ll just get better and better,” she says. She is a valued member of the team and will continue cheering for the rest of her years at Lincoln.

The unexpected side of Serina Fang

by Charlotte Woo

For junior Serina Fang, creative writing isn’t just another hobby. Fang takes her passion for writing seriously and concentrates her energy into her co-editor in chief position of the Lincoln Log staff.

When walking the halls of Abraham Lincoln High School, one wouldn’t expect that a quiet girl like Fang would hold the high position that she does. After spending her sophomore year in the journalism class, she knows what she’s doing and isn’t afraid to help others.

Fang writes stories, and when asked about the genre she writes, she says, “I write whatever comes to mind, but I don’t write romance.” She has joined the creative writing club this school year, where club president, Wendy Nguyen, says, “She can write REALLY WELL without trying at all.” In addition to creative writing club, Fang won the school-wide poetry contest during her tenth grade year.

Besides Fang’s passion for writing, she also enjoys gardening, where she planted sunflowers this past summer, and collects pocket watches, which she currently owns four of.

The future of our apps in the iPhone.

by Charles Wat

Sitting on a chair in school with her face on the desk, Gloria Jeung may seem like a boring person, but completely changes her personality when she gets home. Staring at her computer, she is working on a new program for the iPhone.

Jeung discovered her special talent when she was a freshman in high school. She quickly realized what she wanted to major in: computer science.  “My brother inspired me,” Jeung said. “I wasn’t really interested into that until I saw how amazing the computer was.”

She is currently customizing apps for the iPhone just for herself. One app she recently designed is a customized homework app just for herself. “It feels very rewarding to use something you have designed yourself. It’s like baking some cupcakes, why wouldn’t you want to try one for yourself!” she said.

She is interested into all kinds of computer programming, especially Photoshop. Right now she is enrolled in Computer Art and is very interested into it. “Reading and drawing are my favorite hobbies when I’m tired and just want to relieve stress,” she said.

“Gloria is a very quiet person in class. After I got to know her a bit, you would never expect what she does just by looking directly at her,” one of her trusting friends, Michael Nguyen said. Jeung’s special talent might just be our future for apps.

Family and responsibilities at its best

by Albina Protich

Most people get sick and tired of their family after a certain time. The same people get boring, irritating, and annoying. However, that does not apply to Liping Hung. Hung loves his family and every moment that he spends with them.

When asked where Hung’s favorite place in the world is, he responded with “Home”. At home he has his parents and his two younger sister. One at the age of none and the other at the age of ten. Hung tries to be a good influence on his two younger siblings. Seeing as he is the oldest, he feels as if he needs to strive for his best, to set a good example for his sisters to follow. When asked about it, Hung’s response was “I feel like I have to do very well so they can follow the expectations that I follow. I have to be a role model for them. We are always aiming for academic success and doing your best”. When asking his little sisters about him, they responded with “He’s annoying sometimes but I still look to him” says Vivianna Hung.

Outside of being a good role model for his sister, Hung loves spending time with his family in general. He Enjoys every family party that he goes to and also enjoys every family vacation. When asked about his last family vacation, Hung said they went to Vegas. He stated “It was very fun, there is a lot to do.” and the fact that his family was there made the vacation that much better.

Hung is a big family man and isn’t afraid to admit it. When asked about his parents , he answered back “They are not very strict, they just want us to be successful in life.” Hung tries his best to make his parents proud, but also to feel as if he’s accomplished something for himself.

Lincoln Student Dreams of Bioengineering.

by Hans Oberschelp

For most, the field of biotechnology is too complex to understand, but junior, Charles Wat wants to make it his life. The graduation requirement is two science classes, but by the end of this year Charles will have taken four! And next year year he plans on taking two more! Currently Charles is in Biotech, and AP Environmental Science. Last year, he took Physics, which was his favorite class.

Science means a lot to Charles. He expressed “Science is the answer to everything.” his favorite scientist is Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb.

Charles plans on majoring in Biotech. According to Charles, “I don’t really care what job I have as long as I make enough money to live.” That said, he would like to get a job as a scientist, where he could do his own experiments.

Charles is still learning the basics of biotechnology, but he is  very interested in it and will surely accomplish his goals. After all, accordig to Micheal Nguyen, “When Charles sets out to do something he puts his full honest effort in to it, and will genuinely try.”

Passionate editor-in-chief starts his fourth year in journalism

by Randy Ng

As William Tien walks into class , a  cheerful smile unfolds. It’s his favorite class, journalism the teacher of the class is Sara Falls who has been teaching journalism for the last two years. Falls took over the class from Bobby Owens who was the previous journalism teacher.

Tien first got into the class because his mother thought that journalism could help upon his writing and have college’s see that he took extracurricular class. So naturally at first he didn’t like the journalism class because whenever one is forced to do something it is not well received .

Today, Tien has been in journalism for three years now and he enjoys every bit of it.

He was promoted to editor in chief during the beginning of his junior year.

 “It’s nice to be editor in chief ,even though it’s hard but rewarding experience, ”expressed Tien.

However in Tien’s junior year he felt it ,was awkward to be in journalism class that consisted of eight people. But that junior year ended up being a very relaxing class. This year there are twenty three students in the class and that is a huge amount of people to have in journalism compared to last year’s as there were only eight students then.

Since the class size of last year compared to this year’s class increased dramatically there are high expectations. Tien believes that writing this year should be better this year because each person will be assigned one story. With more people to work on it and only one story to focus on rather the years past where people had to write multiple stories so it was more stressful on the small class. He thinks with the increased class size it should be more laid back for the reporters this year.

To Jacob Ortega, its just a hobby

by Douglas Wong

Explosions! Heavy smog shot into the air, beams of light going everywhere. These are just simple terms to describe Jacob Ortega’s current work of fiction.                                    

Describing himself as being “innovative”, Ortega has been a dedicated Abraham Lincoln student for the past four years and was only stopped from joining the Lincoln Log  last year because of scheduling issues, but has enrolled to continue developing his skills as a fiction author.

Ortega’s stories have been influenced through books like “Leviathan” and genres revolving around history and created worlds. His stories  range from war, history, and he has written a book about teen romance and a post-apocalyptic world.

 “War is just an easy conflict to grasp,” said Ortega.

His current book is his own fictional Italy submerged in war. Giacomo, the protagonist, has to avenge his father’s death from Doge Aledresarri, a governor of a rival state.    

Ortega loves the free reign over it. Ortega likes having the ability to control what happens within each story and whether or not he agrees with what another author has done to their books, respects that control.              

Story length to him depends on if he enjoys what he has written, “If the story just isn’t working, I’ll just cut it short,” said Ortega.

Although Ortega is an aspiring author, he does not see writing as his future, only as a hobby.

 Despite this Ortega follows many major writing styles such as his belief that “Character design is the story.”   Ortega wishes to attend San Jose State University to pursue a career in engineering and also to continue writing his stories.

Keep calm and Christine Ong

by Rachel Yee

If you’re ever in the mall and you find yourself being pushed to the side to watch a group of girls linking arms and skipping, you might have just encountered Christine Ong. Hailing from San Francisco, Ong really is your local loving neighbor. She might be shy at first, but once she feels comfortable with you, she’s a very fun and talkative person. She loves to do everything with her friends, whether it’s playing with their siblings, heading down to Taraval for a quick trip to Quickly or just visiting a friend’s house to bake.

“If I didn’t have friends, I would be a really boring person,” Ong told me. To her, friends are one of the most important things in her life. In fact, she’s still close friends with people from her grade school. Even though most people would find that incredibly hard to do, Ong loves to keep up with all of her friends. As I asked her friend Coco to describe Christine, she said, “There are no words to describe how wonderful she is.”

Calm and easy-going, Ong loves to relax and take things easy. One of her favorite memories was with her friend, Andrea. Over the summer, they would swim almost everyday and head to a daisy field to lie down and listen to music or read afterwards.

Gathering friends from fencing, tennis, J/K pop club and all over the place, Christine is easy to get along with and rarely ever gets into fights.

One of the things Christine loves to do for her friends is make gifts for their birthdays. She loves to give them drawings or nice heartfelt cards. A certain brightness gleamed in her eyes as she told me, “they’re usually drawings I try to personalize for my friends, but I also want to try baking for them.” You can definitely be sure to look out for some yummy hot treats headed for her lucky friends.

Overall, Ong might seem quiet at first, but once you crack the outer shell and break the ice with the fascinating fifteen year old, she will surely be a loyal friend that’s loads of fun to hang out with.

Pastel princess pursues new projects

by Serina Fang

Ever effervescent with floral Doc Martens and a talent for creative crafts and cuisine, Rachel Yee is a junior at Abraham Lincoln High School with many talents and a will to bring smiles to people’s faces. She is an enthusiastic baker and an entrepreneur in the business of friendship bracelet weaving.

“I think she is very unique,” says Yee’s classmate Charles Lam. “You don’t really see a lot of people baking things and giving them out for free like that.”

 And Yee is indeed a likeably unique girl in both appearance and personality. She is most well-known for dressing in various colorful skirts and dresses, walking through school with a plate of baked goods. A lover of celebrations, Rachel Yee makes sure to bake food for special holidays and events, such as bringing a plate of Yoda cookies for Star Wars day and supplying festive cupcakes for her classmates’ birthdays. She never charges anyone for her cookies and cupcakes, and enjoys handing them out for free, appreciating people’s happiness at receiving free food.

Yee loves to bake because she finds decorating cupcakes and other pastries entertaining. Her cupcakes are the most intricately decorated out of all the food she makes. Some cupcakes have flamingos made of strawberry Pocky sticks and pink jellybeans on them while others have scenes of swimming on the ocean made from blue icing, gummy rings, and stuck together gumdrops. Currently Yee is experimenting with fondant, as it is easier to mold it into different shapes for decoration.

However, despite her love for baking, Yee expresses no wish to become a baker, explaining that her mental image of a baker is someone “old and round.” She also dislikes eating her own creations.

 “It’s like Michelangelo painting paintings to give to himself,” explains Yee.

She also has a shop on Etsy, a online shopping website, where she sells a variety of hand-woven friendship bracelets.

To drive home just how unique Rachel Yee is, when asked about how she would describe herself in one word, Yee happily declares, “Pastel, because I’m a pastel princess!”

She certainly stands out above the other students in terms of look and deed. Yee is currently adding journalism to her host of activities, and she is most excited about writing horoscopes.