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A Fallen Mustang: Jesus Antonio Vasquez

Jesus photo.jpgJesus Antonio Vasquez was born June 9th, 1995 and passed away on February 2nd, 2013. He was a victim of a brutal murder. Whether playing basketball at the YMCA near his house on Treasure Island, or working on his graffiti art--he wrote “Ghost”--Jesus hated to be bored. He was always checking to make sure that he looked good, and loved to wear hats and beanies. Family was very important to him, and he leaves behind two sisters, a brother, mother and his cat, Jerry. As a kid he loved to explore Treasure Island on his bike, riding up the hill to Yerba Buena Island and racing back down with his friend Fernando Martinez. He was easy to talk to and made a lot of friends at Lincoln, even though he was here for less than a year. As a member of Peer Resources, he was always willing to stand alone for what he believed in.