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Rally begins a great year

by Penny Cosey


The back to school rally took place on September 7th outside the cafeteria. 090712114351.jpegWith the musical chairs, the cheering, and the participating students, Abraham Lincoln was a success. Many seniors were surprised that it went well for their last year.” The rally was very fun because it involves everyone”, said student Virginia Kowk. “It was a nice start to my sophomore year.” “This rally was a positive start to a hard working year, and to many accomplishments, such as turning in all my work so I can maintain good grades and would be able to qualify to attend dances.

                Some students believe if the back to school rally was this good the other school activities such as dances should be even better.

                Musical chairs was just the game to get everyone up on their feet. With two volunteering students from each grade, teachers, and faculty. It drew a larger crowd. The last two contestants standing were Kenyatta Scott (Advanced Algebra teacher)and Classie Bush(sophomore). With the eagerness to win and one chair between them, the song suddenly stopped making Scott the winner.

                This rally was an even greater achievement because Lincoln students were able to interact in a respectable manner without the directions of adults.

Muni headaches are still causing students to come to school late

by Justin Fung


Anyone who has rode Muni before and has been late to school can understand what it is like to hope they don’t get “screwed by Muni”. IMG_1540.JPG

Unfortunately many students who go to Lincoln and ride Muni in the morning have to deal with this regularly.

I’ve seen it and been through it myself because I ride Muni most days on the heavily utilized 48 routes that often experience the brunt of this, and there have been many occasions where I’ve been tardy to school because of this.

Ever since ALHS modified the bell schedule eliminating 7th period, and consolidating the start times where every student starts school and gets off at the same time, tardiness to school in the morning has been more noticeable and more of an issue.  However one would ask what is the cause of this?  Can it be that students choose to be late, not taking self-responsibility to be on time?  Is it the schedule itself? Or are there issues of Muni where there is often not enough buses to meet demand during the morning rush hour?

Lincoln Staff and students agreed that there are a variety of reasons why tardiness occurs.

Starting with the issues of Muni the problem on heavily utilized routes for example the 48, the problem is often lack of buses and crushing demand, there have been instances where buses bypass students due to excessive crowdedness, guaranteeing the student for those that are bypassed to be tardy.  

Lincoln Senior Keir Wilson who rides two buses, the 44 and the 48, claims  there is often a lack of buses saying, “I think there is something messed up with the scheduling of when the buses come… it seems like either the bus comes to where you're super early to school, or the bus comes when … you’re super late and there’s no bus that will make you like really on time... there’s nothing in between. They need to have the buses come more frequently.”  

  Another problem with Muni is poor scheduling.  Many students riding Muni sometimes experience the problems of “bus bunching” where two or more buses arrive at the same stop at the same time.  This causes a big problem because it usually results in one bus coming packed while another arrives, usually empty.  As a result this creates a big gap in terms of scheduling and therefore results in a very long wait time.  

When it comes to tardiness especially while riding Muni there are other factors.  One of the causes of this might be linked to Lincoln’s current bell schedule.  Right now everyday, everyone starts school at 8AM and everyone gets off at 3:15PM, or 2:17PM on block days.  

 For those who remember; prior to the 2011/2012 school year ALHS had two staggered start and dismissal times.  Problems of crowdedness on Muni and tardiness were never that big of a problem except of for the Thursday block.  Created in the 1990s Principal Barnaby Payne says, “... It was designed to deal with the fact that Lincoln was overcrowded, and the school administration at that time felt like that if there were two start times and two end times it would relieve the pressure on parents, on Muni because of the staggered starts not so crowded everything at the same time.”  However Payne immediately justifies a single start time by saying, “However in my opinion...I think its much better to have a single start time, there’s no ambiguity.  Lincoln High School starts at 8AM every single day, it’s consistent, it’s clear, everybody knows it... there’s no surprises...”    

When it comes to personal responsibility for those who do ride Muni and come late there’s always a chance your 1st period teacher or 2nd period teacher on Thursday block will tell you to get up earlier and take an earlier bus, heck even get on at a different stop if the bus stop after that is packed.  This might bring up the question, do ALHS faculty have a good understanding of what it’s like to take Muni to school every weekday?  Many students and teachers would agree that if an irresponsible student decides to intentionally come late to school 45 minutes in everyday in absolute apathy; it would be classified as not taking responsibility. When it comes to this particular issue Lincoln Junior Hans Oberschelp says, “...I think it’s fair to punish students for taking a bus that risks them getting to school late that they shouldn’t do that but Muni can some days just be ungodly slow … bus can breakdown and the fact that you're responsible if the bus breaks down... I assume that most teachers would punish you for being late if the bus broke down because they just wouldn’t accept that as an excuse. …I think that like punishing someone for something that is totally out of their control, it’s like punishing them for taking Muni at all, “‘oh you took Muni. Well if it’s late it’s your fault because you decided to take Muni and not walk two miles.”’

However for English teacher Sara Falls claims that she is not flexible for whatever reason a student is tardy to her class.  Falls, who resides in Oakland, takes a combination of BART and Muni to get to Lincoln often has to travel a farther distance than the vast majority of students and Lincoln Staff.  Falls justifies this hard stance because of the fact that she has a much longer commute and still comes on time.  Falls currently does not have a 1st period class, however when talking about commuting on Thursdays she says, “...Thursday is a great example for me class starts at eight... so on those days I wake up at 5:35 which to me is hell...  I absolutely hate waking up that early so that I can be here on time like on Thursdays I get here at seven... seven thirty or something like that I have to plan on Thursdays. I really have to plan to be early because if I don’t plan to be early I’m gonna be late. If a kid walks in five minutes late they are late no matter what.”


Ask the Log


Dear Mister Log,


               I'm always late to class. I've tried sleeping earlier and getting up earlier, but it never works out for me. I always end up oversleeping and being up to thirty minutes late. How do I stop being late?




Always Late to Class




Dear Always Late to Class,


               How many hours of sleep do you get? Normally seven to nine hours of sleep is enough for teens. The time you set your clock is probably unreasonable. Make sure you sleep at least eight hours before the time your alarm goes off, and make sure you give yourself enough time to dress, wash up, have breakfast, and to get to school.


               If you're unable to get eight hours of sleep there's probably a reason why. Trying to finish up homework or trying to level up in your video game? Maybe you should try finishing your homework earlier and continue your games the next day. If you hang out with friends after school, only do it on days with less homework.


               A great way to get to school on time is to get your friends and family involved. You could have a sibling force you out of bed by annoying you, playing loud music you either really like or really hate, rolling you off of your mattress, or pouring a nice bucket of ice cold water on you. If you go with the latter, make sure you dry off your bed before using it again. Having friends who get to school on time every day give you a wakeup call and walking to school with you in the morning is a fun way to start the day.


               Another thing you could do is change the time. You could set all of your clocks, phones, and watches to an hour forward (FORWARD, so ADD one!!). If you set your clock forward, you'll think you're already late when the clock says it's 7:30 a.m. or 8 a.m.. You'll speed out of the door and you'll get to school on time or earlier. Make sure you let your family know you're setting all the clocks in the house forward first or they'll end up going to work or meetings too early.


               The healthiest way to not be late to school is getting at least 8 hours of sleep and sleeping earlier. Good luck!


Your Friend,


Mister Log




Dear Mister Log,


I'm taking calculus this year, and I'm starting to wonder if I should even be in this class. It's so hard and confusing. I cannot flunk any of my classes this year. Help me!!!




Confused in Calculus




Dear Confused in Calculus,


               Sometimes classes can be hard and too new to understand, but that's why we have school and teachers. They're here to help us. I was once super lost in class, but one day I decided that I really needed to pass the class, so I asked the teacher for help after school. My life and grade were saved. Try asking a teacher for help. If you ask your teacher something and you still don't understand it after they give you an answer, keep asking them. If they keep giving you the exact same answer and you're not understanding it, or they get frustrated with you and storm off, they're probably not a great person to turn to. Try going to another math teacher, and remember to bring your textbook. They may not know everything, but they can still help you.


               Did you know our school has math tutors during lunch? Try going there as much as possible!


               When you're at home and you're looking at the homework you were supposed to do and don't get it, try calling up one of your friends and asking for help. Make sure you don't ask for answers unless you're checking your work or you won't be learning anything. If you don't understand why they got something make sure to ask.


               Remember, once you've understood everything, STUDY! Good luck!


Your Friend,


Mister Log






Mister Log is here to give you advice on school, friends, family, teachers, relationships, emotional problems, and life. Please don’t ask me what the square root of pi is and expect an answer. I’m here to give advice, not answers!




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Lincoln has an ever-growing trash problem

by Randy Ng


As one walks onto the courtyard of Lincoln’s campus one might stumble upon rotting apples and consistently hollow milk cartons lying around on the ground.0ZCDhEA5LdLNkXp5Cz-2.jpg For years, Lincoln’s campus has been littered. This is mostly due to the inability of students to pick up after themselves during lunch.

            Lincoln has an academy in charge of helping with the cleanup of the school. It is called Green Academy-. It’s purpose is to educate others about environmental issues and teach small doable solutions to the problems at school. Green Academy’s Role in the cleanup of Lincoln is that they help the school by managing recycling and composting bin on a weekly basis. Also, every day in the cafeteria, a couple of students from Green Academy monitor the trash, recycle and compost bins.

            “Last Friday I walked past the courtyard and there were lots of plastic and leftover cafeteria food on the steps, and there were a lot of seagulls eating the garbage,” said Green Academy student Judy.  She feels that this problem can be prevented if the students here just play their part and pick up their own garbage then the garbage problem would be a lot less severe than it already is.

            Senior Sally Tang, a concerned student expressed, “It really sucks that people litter our school campus like this.” But there are signs that this problem will get better. Over time as Green Academy works towards a cleaner Lincoln. The custodians also pay a large part in the cleanup of Lincoln when it’s during school and after school and as long as students remember to pick up their own garbage then this problem will be immensely minimized over time.

Lack of sleep hurts grades in all classes

by Hans Oberschelp


With the majority of teenagers sleeping less then the recommended eight to nine hours, sleep deprivation is a major issue for high school students.studentsleeping.jpg People may think that sleep only effects classes in the morning, but Stuart Dick, the school nurse, says otherwise. 

            According to Stuart, sleeping too little, “makes you less functional the following day. Your brain doesn't work.” Even more, “[Lack of sleep] hurts you all throughout the day. Paying attention is hard after lunch.” Statistics back up Stuart's claims. "Studies have shown lack of sleep hurts grades."

            A study by Amy R. Wolfson and Mary A. Carskadon of 3,000 high school students, shows that students who received As and Bs got an average of 25 more minutes of sleep. An informal survey at Abraham Lincoln High School shows that students who get As in first period got an average of 6.92 hours of sleep a night, Bs get 5.9 and Cs get 5.5.

            Some students agree that sleep deprivation has an equal effect on early and late classes. Junior, Greyson Barringer said, “I do not think that the lack of sleep affects morning classes any more than after lunch classes.”

            Others don't believe that lack of sleep necessarily hurts grades at all. Senior, Terry Ma noted, “Sleep effects my attention for sure; I fall asleep in class, but as long as you get the material, you're fine.”

            Despite what students think, experts and statistics prove that lack of sleep quite directly hurts grades. If your grades are struggling, more sleep could be the antidote.

Mustangs peacefully protest dolphin hunts

by Stephanie Chu

Every September, a school of dolphins swims by a local fishing village in Japan on their annual migration route in the Pacific Ocean. Dolphin-1115.jpgHowever, they come across hunters from the village who trap them in a killing cove to be sold into captivity or slaughtered.

            When Lincoln teacher Cynthia Fernandez was younger, she heard about dolphins being driven into the shore of a Japanese cove and stabbed to death. Many years later, Fernandez watched a documentary called “The Cove” which documents the legal dolphin hunts in a small Japanese fishing village called Taiji. Fernandez attended a peaceful protest with two students to raise awareness of dolphin hunts.

            A group of 30 fishermen go out to the Taiji shores to hunt for dolphins as a source of income. Dolphins captured at the cove are usually sold into captivity and trained in dolphinariums where they are forced to perform for food. The rest are killed and falsely labeled as whale meat. Japanese consumers are unaware of the high levels of mercury found in this “whale meat.”

            “The Cove” had a huge impact on Fernandez, and she decided that something must be done to end this inhumane activity. She became more involved by learning all aspects of the Taiji dolphin hunts.

            After hearing Fernandez’s presentation on “The Cove,” seniors Grant Ly and Jenny Kha were deeply moved and provoked to advocate against the dolphin massacre.

“I’ve always been fascinated with marine life ever since I was young, and I love dolphins especially. Seeing the documentary, videos and photos of the slaughter really made me angry, and the only way to stop the slaughter is to put pressure on the Japanese government,” said Ly.

            On Aug. 31, animal activists around the world protested in front of Japanese consulate generals and embassies to urge Japan to end Taiji dolphin hunts. Ly, Kha and Fernandez attended one of these peaceful protests to stop the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan.

            Outside of the Consulate General of Japan office located in downtown San Francisco, protestors marched around the streets with a giant inflatable dolphin and large posters and banners. They also handed out information pamphlets to passers-by. Bus drivers and motorists honked to support the great cause.

            “It was astounding that people of all age groups gathered together to protest something bigger than us,” said Kha.

            One of the members of the Consulate General of Japan came down to offer his support to end the dolphin hunts. A member from Save Japan Dolphins, an organization who aims to end the dolphin hunts, presented a note from the famous dolphin activist Ric O’ Barry and a petition with signatures they had collected.

            Ly and Kha followed up with their own speech explaining the dangers of falsely labeling dolphin meat and the Mustang community’s concern over dolphin slaughter. They handed a petition with over 600 signatures from the Mustang community to the Japanese Consul.