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What is there to do after high school? For most students, the answer is: more school. 
Choosing the right college isn’t really all that terrifying when one knows what they want and what they can have. Personally, I have known what I wanted to do after Lincoln for a couple of years, though I have seen one dream school turn into another. Some students, like myself, see college as an opportunity to further their education, to, in one way or another, get further in life. Others see it as an excuse to move away from mum and pop, to finally have “fun” without them on their back. Based on these desires, finding the right school is not all that difficult. 
Grades and test scores also play a major part in deciding on the big step in one’s education. They can keep one from applying to schools or encourage them to apply. Depending on the institution, grades and scores can either make or break a student. 

At larger schools, the student is but a number with top test scores and 4.8 grade point averages, faceless and lacking an identity. Because of this, many students are not admitted because of their low scores. I have never liked this system of intellectual elitism; I feel that schools should look beyond the numbers and focus more on who the student actually is. That is one reason for my liking of personal statements. They are the student’s opportunity to ultimately express why a school should admit them. They give the scores and grades more character and a silhouette of an identity.



by Tiffany Do

Opinions 12/2010

Stress Here! Stress There! Stress Everywhere!

            Stress affects nearly everyone, and it can be both good and bad! Stress is a physical response to psychological situations, but the effects vary between each individual. If stress isn’t controlled, someone’s body may undergo physical and temporary, maybe even permanent, changes. November and December are the most stressful months in the year for many Lincoln seniors.

            Eustress is one of the two types of stress and is the “good” stress. It can be used to one’s advantage because it can feel exciting, last temporarily, improve performance, motivate and focus energy. This type of stress is beneficial for the body and life because this is the motivator for people’s actions. Ironically it can also get rid of stress as well if used properly. “It can be a powerful motivator, or it can be disabling. It all depends on how you cope with it,” says Ian Enriquez from the Wellness Center.

            Distress is the “bad” stress. It can cause stomach pains, dizziness, headaches, sweatiness, irritability and weakened immune systems. High workloads, procrastination and exams are some of the many causes of this type of stress when there is too much of it. Morgan Wallace, Health Education and Peer Resources teacher, said, “When I was in college, I was so stressed out once, my back went out. I had to read 600-700 pages in two days for a test and my back went out while I was trying to pick up a piece of paper. An hour after I finished the test, my back was completely fine.” If stress is not controlled, it can become part of life, and it will be hard to realize one is stressed.

            College applications and final exams cause a lot of stress for many Lincoln students. Seniors have to worry about completing their college applications and writing personal statements. An anonymous senior at Lincoln says, “I am stressed because of all the homework, college applications, and all the personal things going on in life. Personal statements need to be written to be somewhat perfect, and college applications require me to make sure all the information I put is correct, or the application is completely void. Luckily we have programs here at Lincoln to make it a lot easier, but it's still hard.” Final exams are now the week before winter break, which gives less time to prepare for them.

            Stress can be easily managed. Methods like yoga, plenty of rest, cardiac exercise, support of friends, optimistic thoughts, volunteering and meditation are excellent ways to manage stress. “One who does good for another does good for oneself,” according to Nurse Rebecca’s stress packet.



by Edward Chung


          When I hear someone say "woman" or "feminine," another batch of words come into mind: "beautiful," "long hair," "dresses" and "perfume." For centuries, woemn have been expected for be beautiful, take care of the home, act in a gentle manner and to be fragile. While this has somewhat changed over the years, one think remains the same: women are expected to be beautiful. Due to the media's idea of being "beautiful," a large percentage of women care significantly about their superficial appearance and are willing to change it.

          One way women usually magnify their beauty is through make-up. Now, wearing make-up isn't necessarily bad. Personally, I find wearing make-up for some occasions to be completely fine. But isn't there a limit to how much make-up a woman should wear?

                                                                                                                                        There hasn't been a day where I haven't seen a woman walking down the street wearing mascara, lipstick and a touch of foundation. Actually, I find this completely normal. But some days I see a woman wearing make-up on a woman wearing make-up on a heavier scale, by wearing eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, foundation, concealer and a thick coat of lipstick. Now, I don't mean to insult women who wear make-up, but isn't supposed to be a tool used to enhance beauty and not create it? I feel that women forget this small fact at times, and we end up trying too hard to look decent,

          In addition to all of this, wearing make-up has some effects. The most common effect is haveing pores clogged with chemicals due to an excessive amount of foundation and concealer. There chemcials can be very harmful for one's skin. If someone's going to use a product such as make-up, look up the contents to prevent this and wear as little as possible. Even washing off make-up can be harmful; it might not be as serious as chemicals sinking into skin, but washing one's face can dry out the skin over time, especially if someone wears excessive make-up daily.

          As I've said before, the media is a major factor, turning movie stars and fashion models into a template for women to follow. Shouldn't we, as a new generation of young women, be smart enough to know that we don't hae to wear this much make-up to be considered beautiful? In my honest opinion, young women shouldn't let the media question how they look. We should embrace our natural beauty and be proud of the way we look, with or without make-up.



by Julianna Echeverria

Circle Lenses

            “What big eyes you have!” Circle lenses are a type of contact lenses that make a person’s eyes appear larger. These contacts have been quite popular among Asian females due to a Korean trend called the “Ulzzang” look which literally means “best face.” Besides having big eyes, pale skin also contributes to this trend.

“[They] make my eyes bigger and prettier,” said junior Lauren Leung, while junior Collin Luu said, “It’s unattractive. Girls shouldn’t need artificial products to enhance their appearances.” Still many people are worrying if these contacts safe to wear.

            “I was concerned about the circle lenses because I read in the New York Times that the contact covers the white part [of the eye], and [if they don’t fit properly they] can starve the eyeball of oxygen,” expressed Lincoln’s ceramics teacher Marian Schell.

            Luckily, optometrist Dr. Wong, who works at San Francisco Eye Care Optometrist Group, confirms that they are indeed safe to use and that they are very similar to color contacts. “They are not bad for your eyes if they fit properly and they have the same side effects as any other contact lenses like infections and inflammations.” Wong continues, “[Circle lenses] have dark rings that are meant for dark irises, mainly for Asians. [They also] enhance the size of the iris and [for example] can make a regular one millimeter iris seem like twelve millimeters instead.”

            Cost-wise, a box of regular contacts containing three pairs that last for two weeks, can cost up to $30 while one pair of circle lenses can cost $15-$20 dollars lasting from one month to one year. Currently there are no circle lenses available in the United States because there are no American companies that manufacture them. It is also illegal to buy them without a prescription, and can only be bought from Asian countries such as Japan or Korea, or bought online.



by Shirley Zhu

Satisfaction of giving

    A break off of school, delicious food and time to just relax! It’s that time of year again where the holidays are just around the corner. Besides the early crazy shopping, presents, and delicious food, there is also another joyous reason to celebrate. Every year, all high schools try to collect as many canned goods as they possibly can and compete with other schools in the district. We all tend to go crazy during this time of year, with all of the buying of presents and celebrating with friends and family. Though others are not as fortunate as many of us are. Hundreds of people don’t get to celebrate the holidays like we do. Some don’t even get a nice meal, and it’s not just during the holidays but on a day- to-day basis. Can you imagine not being able to eat a meal every day? Some go days or even longer without food, and this is why during the month of November, we as a community begin to collect canned goods to donate to others who are not able to have the luxuries we do.

    Abraham Lincoln High School has been the school to collect the largest amount of food three years in a row. One year we collected over 2,000 pounds of food, that’s so much but I bet we can do even better! “Our goal for this year should be to beat our food drive in 2007 and get at least 3,000 pounds of food. By doing this, we can give others the chance to have a Thanksgiving meal many of us can experience. Gathering around the table with food to share and pass around and just being able to know that you fed these people that meal and making them happy is a wonderful feeling!” says Melody Mui. Our students at Lincoln are the most generous and thoughtful! In the beginning, we have a bit of trouble getting everyone to bring in cans but when we get into the spirit of things, we have stocked barrels, literally!

    “As ASB Vive president, I encourage everyone to donate as many cans as possible. To get people in the spirit of giving, I help decorate the display case near the main office and I hope that it inspires people to show their holiday spirit and to help others to be happy!” says Mui. If we are able to collect over 3,000 pounds that would be amazing! In the past, we have collected so much food that the San Francisco Unified School District awarded Lincoln with a golden star for all of our generous donations and hard work. I bet if we try twice as hard we can accomplish our goal and donate even more!



by Tiffany Fong

Leggins = Pants?

            Last year, as I was eating lunch with a close friend, he made a comment about my outfit. That comment opened a door to a huge debate. I was wearing a long shirt that reached my thighs and a pair of leggings. He felt that I should always have shorts over my leggings unless I am wearing a dress. While I partially agreed with him, I said that it was okay as long as the shirt was long enough to at least reach the top of the thighs. That’s when the arguing began. I never knew that some people saw leggings as revealing. I see girls wearing leggings all the time in replacement for pants.

            Leggings are, no doubt, comfortable. I could wear them to sleep, and it wouldn’t bother me. I also love the style they give. Even on lazy days, throwing on a pair of leggings can create an edge to an outfit.  They give legs a slim figure and show the curves. On rainy days leggings won’t feel hard and stiff on skin unlike jeans. They may not keep you as warm as jeans, but they give more covering than stockings. They are affordable and can be purchased from Forever 21, Wetseal, and even Target.

            Leggings can compliment an outfit beautifully. However, I do not agree that leggings can be worn the same as pants. They show the underwear line, which isn’t very classy. Some leggings can also be see through and show off what you’re wearing. If a shirt is above the waist then it is too short to be worn with leggings. They hug your skin and may show more than what people want to see.



by Crystal Lee