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Sports 04/2011

Swimming to the top


   Lincoln’s swim- ming teams have expanded greatly this year as many more freshmen and juniors have joined the team. Compared to previous years, the number of freshmen and juniors on the team exceed- ed coach Billy Tam’s expecta- tions. In addi- tion, many of the new freshmen swimmers have swimming backgrounds making their po- tential values rise, as they will have more opportunities to train and learn more about swimming in the coming years.


   This year, Lincoln’s Varsity rosters nine swimmers, while Junior Varsity rosters 19 swimmers, altogether having 28 swimmers. With this many swimmers, many of whom have great talent, the team can look forward to championships.


   A huge difference sepa- rating this particular year with others is that many newcomers have good knowledge of the sport. This puts Lincoln at a big advantage towards future races and future seasons since the fresh- men can be trained and taught for several years. Returning junior Billy Gong states, “It seems that, as each year goes by, the freshmen that join get faster and faster, specifically this year, since many freshmen are on JV and there’s even one on Varsity.” Both Varsity and Ju- nior Varsity swimmers practice every weekday at Charlie Sava’s Swimming Pool on 19th and Sloat. There, Coach Billy Tam has them practice and trains them with work- outs designed to help the muscles used for swimming get stronger.


   “This season we might not go all the way to champion- ships, but there’s no doubt that in future seasons we will sail through swim meets with our young and improving talent,” sophomore Jared Vu said. Last year Vu was the only freshman swimming in Varsity, break- ing many records throughout swim meets. Vu is one of the many on the team holding great potential with an enor- mous swimming background.


   Swim meets against other schools began Friday Feb- ruary 19th. Varsity lost their first meet against Washington High, while junior varsity won. Hopefully, both teams will fin- ish strong by the end of the season. Support your Lincoln swimming teams by attending their races to cheer them on!



by William Tien

Spiking to Victory!


   Coach Vince Tang re- gards this year’s Lincoln boys’ volleyball team as one of the top teams in the city. After losing in the championship game last year, Tang believes that anything short of a championship will be considered a disappointment to the team, especially with nine returning seniors from last year. “After being up two sets to none, we ended up losing by five,” said Tang. “After being so close, I think that it definitely left a bitter taste in their mouth.”


   The pre-season has begun for San Francisco boys’ volleyball. Although Lincoln hasn’t started the pre-season too well, going 0- 2, Tang is not worried. He is more focused on using the pre-season to improve the team chemistry and getting the team ready for the regular season. “We have a lot of potential if we can come together as a team,” he said.


   Tang believes that the main focus for this year’s team is passing and defense. During their two-hour practices every day from Monday to Saturday, the team spends time working on the defensive side along with bumping and setting. “During practices, our main focus has been on passing, Coach believes that that is the key to winning,” said an anonymous player.


   Although the team is considered a top team and has a legitimate shot at the cham- pionship, Tang doesn’t want the team to lose their compo- sure. He wants them to showgood sportsmanship at every game. He believes that win or lose, if they become better men and bond together as a team, this will be a great season.


   There’s something to be excited about for this years boys volleyball team. This team has a shot at going all the way. Their first game is on Wednes- day March 23 against O’Connell.



by Gordon Yu

Mustang Athlete Spotlight: Valeria Reynoso


            Senior Valeria Reynoso will always be Abraham Lincoln High School’s first girl to compete in the wrestling championships. “I’m pretty pleased especially since it’s my senior year,” said Valeria. “I just hope I’m not the last girl!”

            From a young age, Valeria had been interested in wrestling, an activity which budded from her and her brother play fighting as children. She always found herself defeated by her brother, which only fueled her ever-growing passion for the sport. “I just found the challenge of trying to beat him fun,” said Valeria.

            On February 26and 27, Valeria and some of the Lincoln wrestling team went down to the championships in Lemoore, Calif. Other San Francisco district schools that competed included Mission, Lowell, Balboa and Galileo. Although she didn’t make it to the next round, Valeria just sees this as a stepping stone and “motivation to get better.”

            Before matches, Valeria gets herself psyched by listening to music. “If we're headed to a tournament, I usually sit there, close my eyes and just sink into the music,” she said. “It helps me relax and not be tense.” “’Till I Collapse” by Eminem is one of the songs that Valeria always listens to before a match.

            As the first lady Mustang going to wrestling championships, Valeria says she’d love it if more girls participated in the sport. “It's important for girls to join because it creates social progress and breaks down stereotypes,” she said. “I think a lot of girls are actually interested in wrestling but they don't have the support that they need. It also sets examples for other girls who wish to join but don't think they can do it.”

            When she isn’t in the wrestling room with fellow wrestlers such as senior Ricky Feng, who Valeria says she admires for his hard work, she enjoys photographing “everyone and everything,” learning to break dance and playing lacrosse.


by Tiffany Do

New Co-Ed Badminton

   For the first time ever Lincoln, along with the whole badminton league in San Francisco, rosters both girls and boys to compete together on one team. This makes it one of the few sports for high school that allows boy and girls to compete in the same league.


   In past years, there was only a girl's league. Boys did not have a league of their own. Combining the two genders is a big step made by the city; it benefits everyone by adding more people to the teams, and allows boys to play.


   "The way I see it is that the more people, the better it is. Although now I can't train them like I used to since there is a lot of people on the team now," said head coach Norman Lam.


   The team usually practices in the North Gym every weekday after school. They practice for two hours to two and a half hours. However, badminton does not get first priority when it comes to choosing practice times. The starting time for practice varies depending on when girl's basketball practice or boy's volleyball practice starts.


   The season started for the Varsity Badminton Girls and Boys team in early march, as the team lost their first match to Lowell High School. Head coach Norman Lam will hope- fully guide the team to a cham- pionship. The badminton team’s last season game will be against Washington High School on the 5th of May, and All City games will start on May 9th. Support your co-ed Lincoln Badminton team by going to their matches!



by William Tien