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Fencing Varsity

Matches For 2018

This Dropbox link leads to all 2018's Spring Season matches across all the schools.


Lincoln's Matches are the following:

March 1st, Lincoln @ S.Hall/CSH

March 6th, Lincoln @ Washington

March 8th, Galileo @ Lincoln

March 13th, Lincoln @ Urban

March 15th, Wallenberg @ Lincoln

March 19th, Lincoln @ Lowell

March 22nd, Academy @ Lincoln

April 3rd, University @ Lincoln

April 14th, All City, Academy

The Beginning of The 2018 Spring Season

The Season Begins Anew. Practices will be in the DANCE ROOM on MONDAYS(3:30-6:30) and THURSDAYS(2:30-4:00)


For more immediate updates contact myself and make a Facebook account to then be added into the group chat where announcements can be communicated more directly. 

Facebook Group

If you don't have a facebook, please make one. I would like to make a facebook group which would make spontaneous changes to schedule, location, etc. much easier, as updating this site isn't instantaneous. 

Location Change

Practices will now most likely be at the Track for the remainder of the offseason


UPDATE: With the season beginning as of 1/30/18, practices will be in the Dance Room

Offseason 2017-18

Fencing will be getting a head start this season with off season a few weeks in advance. It will be every Wednesday(2:30-3:15) and Friday(3:30-4:30) at the Track, starting December 6th. This schedule is subject to change if there are high demands and will most likely change by the time the season officially begins. If you are interested or have any questions please contact me directly using the information on the side margin.


Fencing is a combat sport which has three different blade types: foil, saber, and epee. The event that is played in the school district is foil; its main distinction from the other events being that only the tip of the blade can score a point and the target area is limited to the torso. Limbs, neck and head are considered off-target. I guarantee if you haven't played a combat sport, you haven't experienced much like fencing; it is very distinct from all the other sports available in the SFUSD. This difference may be what leads you to either loving or hating it, but I very much encourage you to try. I shared the same skepticism you might have had when thinking about fencing, and today I can confidently say it is the sport I genuinely enjoy competing in.


The season will have us preparing and practicing for about a month before competing at different schools. Matches are divided into genders, in which both schools will send 3-9 boys and girls to compete. Each gender division play best of 9 bouts(matches). A bout in high-school level fencing is usually first to 5 touches, with the exception of all-city. After having faced all schools both on and off campus, 3 boys and 3 girls from the school are chosen to compete in all-city. In all-city, you will play 5 pool bouts to determine your placement in the tournament. During the tournaments, you then play bouts which are first to 15 touch bouts. The top contenders in all-city then qualify for all-state. Wow thanks for reading this. If you want to try fencing, I'll see you in the dance room for the spring season!

Coaches, Captains, and Schedule



  • Al Carter- Head Coach
  •  -Boys Captain - Cameron Jo
  •  -Girls Captain- 

 All Practices will be held in the North Gym Dance Room (unless otherwise specified) on:


*Wednesdays(2:30-4:30) As of February 29th 


Fencing March 17, 2015


(Now with the exclusion of school loop, unfortunately the following are the only convenient means of reaching us)


Cameron Jo: (415) 235-1456,

//If I do not pick up, please leave a voicemail or text


email If any other means of contact prove unsuccessful, please see Mr. Grayson